10 Ideas to Cut Cellphone Data Use

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cut cellphone data useIt’s one modern-day luxury the majority of us cannot live without: our cellphone.

Today touchscreen gadgets have actually developed into pocket computer systems, capable of texting, Web browsing, video conferencing, video gaming, picture taking, GPS navigating, social networking, physical fitness monitoring and the managing of work files.

Oh, and also they help you make phone calls, also.

However several of the enjoyable things you might do on a cell phone today need “data,” for that reason you likely have a regular monthly plan with your provider that furnishes you a specific quantity of megabytes or gigabytes to run through by the end of the month.

If you are close to your cap or going over– and paying the cost for doing this– the following are some ideas and techniques to cut cellphone data use.

Cut Cellphone Data Use

1. Try to manage the activities that consume a great deal of data– like streaming video– for when you’re in a Wi-Fi network in your home, a coffeehouse, air terminal lounge or resort lobby. Do you seriously have to view Netflix while in line at the grocery store? This is particularly an issue if you’re consuming data while “roaming” in another area, which can definitely add up.

2. Make sure to correctly close apps when you’re not using them as they still may be operating in the background and potentially consuming data (and battery). With iPhone, double-tap the Home button and swipe up to close apps; Android users can normally press and hold the Home button and swipe apps to the right to close them (on more recent Samsung phones, tap the lower-left icon to close open apps).

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3. Try to restrict apps that have regularly pushed information– like stock quotes, weather condition updates, or live sports scores– as your cell phone can use up data on a continuous basis. The more apps you have that search for online updates, the more data you’ll require.

4. While appealing, try not to make a personal hotspot with your cell phone– and afterwards wirelessly tether it to a laptop computer or tablet to get on the internet– as it can consume your data. And yes, employing a USB cable to tether your cell phone to your laptop computer additionally consumes the very same quantity of data.

5. If you have to do any significant e-mail correspondence, considerable Web browsing, streaming or downloading, ask yourself if it can wait till you reach a pc. Just because you can do it on a cell phone does not signify you ought to– especially over wireless connection.

6. Look for apps that make use of less data by doing your homework before download and use. For instance, a GPS navigation app called CoPilot Live Premium does not consume any data whatsoever, whereas Google Maps and Apple Maps do consume data while you’re getting directions.


7. In your e-mail settings, shut off “Push” mail if you absolutely do not have to know whenever an e-mail comes in immediately. Then, when in a Wi-Fi hotspot, “pull” it all down. On a similar note, enter your e-mail settings to select “View only,” instead of downloading full attachments. The wording might differ a bit, however you’ll see exactly what you need in the Options/Settings area of your phone’s e-mail app.

8. When taking a trip to another country, make sure you’re aware of their roaming prices as it’ll be considerably higher (and in addition to) your existing data program. Some providers provide numerous travel plans, so make sure to consider one to prevent a nasty surprise on your statement. When unsure, disable data roaming on your cell phone entirely. Those taking a trip overseas can think about renting a SIM upon landing as it’ll probably be much cheaper than roaming on your existing provider.

9. Instant Messaging (IM) programs are inexpensive solutions for people who wish to stay connected. Programs like WhatsApp, Viber, BBM, Kik or Facebook Messenger use little data, they’re quick and dependable, and they provide benefits over texting (such as getting a confirmation when a notification has actually been delivered and read).

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10. Do not upgrade apps over the air if you can do it on your pc– and afterwards synchronize the upgrade to your cell phone through a USB cable. You might wish to charge up your phone through your computer system’s port anyhow, possibly prior to you falling asleep, as a result sync apps over the cable rather than downloading them over mobile connection.

If you find ways to cut cellphone data use that haven’t been listed here please enter your tips in the comments below.


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