3 Ways To Prep Your Roof For Winter Storm Damage

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roofRoofs are the literal primary protection our homes have from the elements. During the summer months, it can become easy to forget that as the winter months loom in the future, a roof in disarray can have major implications for the integrity of your house.

As a direct result, it is critical that you triage your roof in a few ways to ensure winter storms don’t wreak catastrophic damage on your home.

Check for Damages or Weakening

There are a few ways to evaluate the deterioration of your roof. Not surprisingly, you can get on your roof and look to see if there are any missing shingles or obvious areas of concern.

Some damages may not be apparent from the exterior, looking at a crawl space or at the insulation can also give you some indication as to whether the elements are finding their way into your home.

In an article published by the Washington Post, they explain that damage to a roof can occur during summer, especially if you reside somewhere with extreme heat.

These troubling areas don’t become glaringly obvious until a once small problem becomes a huge one during rain or snowfall. Evaluating the soundness of your roof prior to a winter event is imperative.

Clean out Your Gutters

This may not seem like somewhere you need to be worried about as gutters are not necessarily a part of your roof. However, if gutters are cluttered with debris to the point that draining water has nowhere to go, this puts that standing water in contact with your roof.

It also creates the sort of scenario that could lead to your gutters tearing away from your home, thus damaging the periphery of the roof.

Seek the Help of a Professional

While the initial points of triage are something that can be handled by those who want to do it themselves, if there are certain areas that need repair or if you find you need a new roof entirely, those are tasks better left in the hands of skilled tradesmen.

A good roofing company, like those at Select Exteriors, would be able to provide comprehensive services. Those would include things like a diagnostic, cost estimates, the ability to work with various roofing materials (asphalt, metal, cedar, flats, tiles, etc.), and easily accessible technicians with the knowledge and urgency needed to complete quality roofing projects.

As the winter months approach, don’t neglect the demands of your roof. If attention is paid to them prior to snow or rainfall, any issues need not be the catalyst for a disastrous event.

Don’t hesitate to take a look for yourself and see if anything stands out as a problem. Clean gutters of general waste that would prevent run off from draining. Most ideally, however, seek out the know-how of skilled professionals to ensure your home stays safe for winter.

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