5 Tips for Designing A Logo

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designing a logoThe power of a great logo is a terribly underestimated force. A logo is a piece of any company’s identity, like a signature that signifies all of your work and the things that you’ve accomplished. So why would anyone want to settle for a logo that looks lazy, rushed, and poorly put together? Such inadequacy reflects poorly on everyone.

For this reason, knowing some important elements about logo design can keep your company looking fresh and innovative, showing that you’re everything that customers want. Here’s some tips for designing a logo


Usually, typography is one of the most important elements of any logo. It is the meat of the subject matter that you are trying to draw the viewer into, while everything else around it is there to accentuate its purpose. Usually, for something as permanent as a logo, it is highly recommended that you use custom typography.

5 Characteristics Of An Impactful Logo Design ~ Creative …

… for a toys company, but for a bank? Not so much. Its important to research a brand’s mission, values and its target audience before designing a logo – this will ensure that the logo is appropriate and effective for the brand.

Even if you use an existing font to build from, custom typography keeps the logo feeling classic and original. It also makes it easier to unify the text with the rest of your logo. While you want your typography to be bold and making a statement, it’s important to make sure that it still flows with the rest of the logo, as well. For more information about typography, check out this useful blog post here.

Keep it simple

To put it simply, simplicity is one of the most powerful tools in all of marketing and advertising. While other techniques can put you at risk of seeming too hazy and lackluster in your purpose, simplicity is a bold statement that shows clarity. Don’t ever mistake boring for simplicity, though, or else you will blend in with the rest of the pack.

Find simple ways to give a logo character, such as the bite missing from Apple’s logo, or the hidden arrow inside of the FedEx logo. Almost all of the biggest and most powerful brands in the world use a simple, but effective, logo.

Color theory

designing a logoOne of the most psychologically effective tools in your arsenal when designing a logo is color theory. The right assortment of colors in the right way can leave a highly potent mental impression on the viewer, that will give them an emotional connection with the image of your company. To accomplish this, there are some techniques to keep in mind. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use contrasting colors. Look on a color wheel and pick colors that are on the opposite sides of each other.

However, remember that while you must be bold, you do not want to be overwhelming. When picking your colors, think about the psychology behind the use of certain colors. For example, red and yellow are supposed to make people hungry, which is why many restaurants use them in their logos. Also, try to stick to limited colors, unless you have good reason. While Google and Ebay may both use a vast arrangement, they are the exception and not the rule.


This is very much in conjunction with color theory, as a reminder of a different way to look at it. While you want to have an awesome use of colors in your logo, you also want it to be able to work in grayscale, as many print and marketing materials may not use full color. Design a logo that is able to be easily integrated for large and small formats, and can be incorporated easily across various platforms.

Look at the logo and ask yourself if it would be easy to tweak and change in the future as your company adapts. Even if you have a very complex logo, try to think of a simpler rendition for certain scenarios.

55+ Questions to ask when designing a logo – Millo.co

Asking the right questions when designing is key. If you’re not sure what questions to ask when designing a logo, we’ve brainstormed 55+ ideas for you here.

Be unique

It’s very hard to be original in today’s world. When you look around at the vast assortment of content and material that is out there, the idea of trying to stand out and be unique may be overwhelming. However, this is the entire point of a logo! You must stand out in the industry that you are apart of, and the logo is the first impression that you will leave on people.

Use your design to separate yourself from your competitors. Try to think of what differentiates you from them in the way that you do business and make that the message that you try to tell with your logo. Failing to be unique means that you will inevitably get lost in shuffle, when it comes to advertising. Trying to copy and replicate what another successful company has done might work in the short run, but should be frowned upon, as you will never develop your own identity that way!


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