6 Things to Do Before You Check-Out of Your Hotel

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Embarcadero Hyatt Atrium, San Francisco

Embarcadero Hyatt Atrium, San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many vacationers have a tale about lost belongings. Forgetting suitcases, mobile phone, passports and eyeglasses are a couple of items that come to mind, and frequently these things are left on airplanes, in gateway areas or on hotels and resort shuttle bus.

As a matter of fact, many hotel lost-and-found containers see a fair bit of activity. Just this summer, shortly after my family came back home from San Francisco, I looked high and low for my home computer wall charger. And then, I realized that I never unplugged it from the electrical outlet at the back of the couch and mini-fridge.

Fortunately, the Hyatt Hotel answered my appeal for assistance by locating my power cord and sending it to me immediately. I must mention, being disconnected for a couple of days was rather pleasant however I had a bunch of catching up to do when my charger came back. Fortunately, I really did not have any serious deadlines that week’s time, but some folks typically aren’t that fortunate.

I’ve put together a little check-list for things to go over right before you check-out.

1. Each electrical outlets. While numerous new hotels have gotten somewhat smart at electrical outlet placements (alongside beds, in table lamps on desktops), a few older hotels and resorts still have electrical outlets located in strange places. This is very important if you’re vacationing with the family and the children individually look for electrical outlets to charge their iPhone or PlayStation.

2. Underneath the bed sheets and bed. Ah, the timeless “look under the bed again” hardly ever gets old. Though still, when I do that one final check I typically something hiding within the bed– a t-shirt, socks, book, billfold, or toys. Really, if you’re with the family have your better half and/or children check, too.

3. Bathroom. Personal toiletries and shavers are often forgotten, because seriously who is thinking of packing their things as they’re getting out of the shower soaking wet? Nobody. And allow me to mention to you, leaving behind my shaver and body wash behind totally irritates me, particularly when I continue to have many days of traveling ahead.

4. Closet. Yep, I pulled this one this last winter. I left behind my suit hanging in the closet. Fortunately, my best friend, which I was sharing a suite with, managed to get hold of my never-worn suit and generously send it to me. Gee whiz. Close call.

5. The bill. Aside from leaving your possessions behind do not forget to always review the bill before you leave. I’ve had additional fees that were not mine included in the bill, like room service or movies. It’s a lot easier to take care of errors personally than a month later when the bill shows up.

6. Tip. Do not forget to tip your house cleaners. Actually, instead of leaving a large bill at the end of the vacation, give a couple of bucks every day so the right individual gets the tip.

I know, it seems to be rather apparent how not to lose things (keep an eye on your things!), but when we’re out of our normal routine and in a strange place it’s very easy to lose things. Include the panic of a wake-up call that never appears or rowdy kids it appears leaving behind a trail of forgotten things can seem unavoidable.

Learn from me and check out every nook and cranny prior to making hotel check-out official and rolling your luggage out of the room one last time. Believe me, it can save you a great deal of hassle!


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