How Adventure Travel Can Prove Fruitful For The Health

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Majority of the people love to explore the mother nature and go for adventure travel, because they want to get away from the hustle bustle of the city life.

Whether you are camping, trekking or mountain biking, you enjoy an opportunity of having a good & relaxing time without any kind of distraction. What you might not know that it is also proving beneficial for your health. If you have plans to go out then following are the health benefits that you get to enjoy –

Help You To Stay Mentally Active

Physicians across the globe are of the view that when varied physical activities such as biking, hiking, walking helps in growing hippocampus.

Not many people are aware of the fact that with the growing age it starts to shrink and it can lead to impaired memory and in the worst cases leads to dementia as well.

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All those people in their middle-age should walk for around half an hour which will help in growing the hippocampus to approx 2 percent. This will also help in improving the memory retention.

Get Dirty And Improve Your Health

Yes, there is no denying that our modern viewpoint towards cleanliness leads to asthma, inflammatory bowel disease and allergies. Getting dirty could be one of the best ways to have a strong immune system.

If you are planning for an adventure trip, you get to enjoy both mental and physical advantages. Especially, if your office schedule comprise of a hectic schedule then going for an adventure travel will surely give you a break and will help you relax.

Living in a sterile and clean environments give rise to various health issues such as allergies & asthma and when you spend all day outside, you are actually giving remedy to such issues.

Uniting With The Nature

When you take part in various outdoor activities, it really helps in the prevention of various health-related issues. Today, the physicians, across the world, are dispensing park prescriptions for varied diseases which range from obesity to heart disease.

Adventure travel is taking park prescriptions to the next level. If you love adventure travel, there is no set age limit for it. You can opt for this activity anytime you want.

Improves Body Movements

According to Dr. Paul J. Arciero, while you are in a vacation, your mind is at ease, it helps in relaxing the lower back and shoulders, eventually help you to breathe easily. This further helps you in moving freely and any form of restraint.

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Inhaling Fresh Air

When you are in the company of the trees, you get to inhale more oxygen. The body comes in contact lesser with strain when you inhale lot of oxygen. But, there are other benefits of fresh air.

Being outdoor and inhaling fresh air helps you to improve your blood pressure, offer the immune system a boost and improve the digestive system.

The physicians are of the view that an individual should at least spend one hour out in the natural atmosphere as it offers health benefits.

Improvement In Mood

All those people who are regular campers will tell you that what it’s like to come back after having adventure travel. Spending your time out in the sun balances the melatonin levels in the brain.

Melatonin is the chemical which is responsible for making you feel tired and also generates a feeling of depression. So, when you are all alone with the mother nature you get to make significant improvements in your mood and certainly makes you feel good.

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Cuts Down Stress Levels

Adventure travel also helps you to reduce your stress levels. We all are pretty much aware of the negative effects of the stress on the human body.

When the oxygen levels rises, managed levels of melatonin results increased levels of serotonin results in reduced stress. The best part is that there is an emotional element as well since you cannot lose temper when you are having a gala time.


When you choose adventure travel, one of the key benefits that you get to enjoy is that you get to spend most of your time performing physical activities.

You also get to burn extra amount of calories than by just sitting on your office chair, the cardiovascular exercises help you to keep your heart & lungs healthy. If your adventure travel includes biking then you can burn a maximum of 500 calories and hikers it varies from 140-300 calories in an hour.


Sunshine is has its own healing benefits. When you are exposed to the sunlight, you are absorbing lots of Vitamin D, which further allows the body to absorb phosphorous and calcium.

The sunlight helps in killing bad bacteria; it has positive effects for the skin disorders such as eczema, skin fungal infections, psoriasis and acne. It is also beneficial for the blood pressure patients and it controls the cholesterol levels as well.

Sound Sleep

When you are back from your adventure trip, you will have a sound sleep at night. For human body, having sound sleep is important to maintain smooth functioning of our human body.

If you are not having a sound sleep, there are more chances of gaining weight as well. When you have a sound sleep, a healthy balance of the hormones are maintained which further stimulates ghrelin (appetite) and the hormone that makes you feel leptin (full).

It helps in cutting down inflammation and makes significant improvements in the cardiovascular system, this further helps you stay alert & focused.

So, plan out your next adventure travel, enjoy the natural surroundings that you once thought of visiting and along that enjoy health benefits along the way.

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