Autistic Kids are Not Easy to Educate! 5 Tips for Successful Treatment

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autistic treatmentAs a parent, it’s only natural to want the best for your child. However, children with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) are not that easy to educate. It’s important that you accept what’s happening.

Then work to provide as much support as you can. Find a way to remain emotionally strong, and you have the best chances of integrating your child in society. Don’t delay treatment and start as soon as you notice that something’s not right.

The earlier you understand what’s happening, the better chances you have to settle on a successful treatment. Check out the following 5 tips. They’ll help you make education easier for your autistic child.

Encourage visual learning

Most autistic kids are visual thinkers. They don’t think in language, but in pictures. Their thoughts are more like videotapes constantly running wild through their imagination.

Some may look at pictures as their first language; words come second. You should focus on teaching your child nouns; they’re the easiest to understand because they can easily be associated with pictures in their minds.

In some cases, you might be compelled to demonstrate a certain action to show your child exactly how it’s done.

Steer clear of complex verbal instructions

Long sentences and complex verbal instructions should be avoided at all costs. It’s tough for an autistic child to remember a sequence. If yours is able to read, then it’s best to write down the instructions as a step by step guide.

As they grow up, they won’t have an issue asking for directions. If you’re aiming to provide directions that involve more than 3 steps, then you should put them on a piece of paper.

Also, your child may be unable to remember phone numbers. Since they can’t paint a picture in their head, they’ll forget it. Some autistic kids are excellent at drawing; others might be best at computer programming. Spot the signs and encourage your child to develop that skill.

Concrete, crystal-clear methods for teaching number concepts

When teaching number concept, you should use visual, crystal-clear methods. A math toy, for example, can be used to teach a child how to learn numbers.

Settle on a set of blocks with different lengths, and a different color for each number from 1 to 10. It will help them add ad subtract. Concepts like halves and quarters can be taught using fruit. Cut an apple in half, or a peach in 4 pieces.

Keep in mind that kids with autism may have issues with controlling their hand motions; this means that their handwriting might be really bad. It can instill frustration and anxiety. To calm them down, you have to help them like the mere habit of writing. Allow them to use a laptop or computer as it will be easier for them to adapt.

Keep them away from loud sounds and harsh noises

Autistic kids should be kept away from loud sounds and harsh noises. These affect their perception, and interfere with their learning abilities. School bells, buzzers, PA systems are extremely annoying to them.

Sound sensitivity doesn’t allow them to learn properly. Teachers should pay more attention to such factors. The same thing goes for fluorescent lights and visual distractions. Flickering may hinder their ability to learn.

There are viable methods parents and teachers can use to make learning smooth in kids with autism. Keeping the in good health with proper nutrition and a balanced lifestyle is the key.

Find a way to add more nutritious-rich foods into their daily diet. Milk products, vegetables and fruit contain vitamins and minerals that help increase brain function. Health supplements are an excellent alternative in case your child doesn’t like broccoli, for example. Consult with a pediatrician and nutrition to get the best advice on what to do to keep your child growing up strong and healthy.



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