Benefits of Residing in a Paying Guest Accomodation

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paying guestThe world has become a racing track today. Everyone is racing against time in order to achieve their targets may it be personal or professional. If you cannot adjust yourself as per the situation demands, you would be overtaken by others.

While doing the same, the prime factor happens to be a positive mindset and ability to be flexible.  One may have to sacrifice their comfort zone to climb the ladder of success. Relocation in terms of pursuing higher studies or for job factors has become a common factor these days. In this regard, the facility of staying as a Paying Guest has indeed seen a bloom and is a major helpful process in terms of relocation.

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Positive Aspects


When I left my native place, I was moving towards a totally unknown destination with the only thing in mind that I had to be flexible. In an unknown city, things become quite shaky if you are rigid. When I came to know that my college is not going to provide a hostel, I decided to go ahead for a PG facility.

The prime advantage is that at the start of the month, you need to pay a lump sum amount of money to the PG owner and for the rest of the month; you can be assured regarding your food and boarding.

Three times food included morning breakfast, afternoon lunch and night dinner. The rooms were available on sharing basis and since my classmate happened to be my roommate in paying guest in Bangalore, hence the understanding was also well and things went along smoothly.

No unwanted botherance

I did not have to worry about the electricity bill or the cleaning of the rooms. All were being included in the PG service. Moreover the PG owner was also relaxing regarding the entry and exit timings in the PG.

We could enter or leave the place even at midnight and there was no one to question us. The only matter that we kept in minds that not to do any such activities that would compel the owner to interfere in our private life. Most important part was that we did not misuse our opportunity of freedom.

Even after college life, when I entered into the professional world, I went on with the PG system. I took a single room for myself and rest all aspects remained the same.

The place was filled with both students as well as service personnel and everybody used to pass their life as per their own schedule. The only extra charge that one had to bear was for the laundry service which was optional. If one could look after their own clothing, then the money used to get saved.

There was only one condition that before leaving the PG, one had to give a notice period of minimum 15 days. No token money was kept in reserve while staying under such service. The bottom line is pretty straight forward, that if you are looking for a hustle free life away from your home, go for a paying guest or hostel accommodation facility.

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