Budget Friendly Gardening Ideas

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gardening ideasMost of home owners dream about having their own garden in the backyard, where they can plant variety of colourful flowers or cultivate healthy veggies. Flower gardens add gorgeous scenery to outdoor house area, while having a food garden can always provide you with fresh vegetables you don’t have to buy on the market.

Anyway, people sometimes refrain from turning their piece of yard into the garden, because it seems costly and uneconomic, but it can actually be pretty affordable, interesting and feasible venture.

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Enjoy nonstop color all season long with these container gardening ideas and plant suggestions. You’ll find beautiful pots to adorn porches and patios.

So, if you really want to create your own lush garden without emptying your pocket, it’s possible, you just need to adopt some of the great ideas, and set aside some time, commitment and creativity. So, take a look at those budget friendly gardening ideas, and jump into your garden to apply it:

Make natural compost

When you decide to plant your own garden, you have great opportunity to keep it as organic as it can be, so you can later enjoy in completely natural plants. To ensure the healthier development of your plants, you should use compost, but there’s no necessity to spend money on it, because it can be easily made.

You can use fallen leaves, fruit and veggies leftovers, grass and eggshells and blend them all together into the compact mass. It should be placed into the neutral bin that can keep the moisture, and after 3 weeks you’ll be able to use it for mulching.

Most of ingredients that you’ll include into your homemade compost are those you usually just throw away, and this is a chance to give them new, useful purpose within your garden. Bear in mind that food remains as well as withered plants shouldn’t be included into the compost, because most of the pests like them.

Effective and affordable seeds

gardening ideasIt probably happened that you bought plenty of seeds for your garden and then it turned up that plants didn’t have the quality you expected or yield was very low. You can easily avoid this situation and actually grow your garden without spending a dollar on seeds, if you keep few pieces of veggies or flowers and segregate seeds from it.

There are lot of vegetable sorts that are very suitable for this, so you can, for instance, keep small potatoes on warm place, wait for white sprouts to appear and then plant it into your garden. The same procedure can be applied on onion. Also, when you eat potato and cucumber, you’ll see the seeds inside them, and all you should do is to set them aside, dry them and it’s prepared for sowing. This way you won’t have to invest in seeds for years.

Cost effective irrigation

Irrigation is very important factor for the successful development of your plants and it belongs to the things that must be efficient and lasting. Hand-irrigation can be a good option if you have time to do it every day and if your garden is smaller size, since you actually need to go around every stem in order to irrigate it properly.

In case you’re growing larger amount of plants within greater parcel, the most efficient way of irrigation is the usage of garden sprayer. You can achieve great cost-effective irrigation solution by including a sprayer where various types of Rapid Spray sprayer pumps can be ideal option to facilitate sprayer based irrigation process and ensure that plants are always provided with enough water.

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Try cheap plants’ protection

Once you welcome first sprouts within your garden, you don’t want them to be ruined by sharp morning frost during the early spring season. One of the cheap DIY protections for your plants is the usage of regular plastic bottle from juice or milk to create protective cover over your plants. All you need to do is to cut off the bottom of the bottle and use the entire upper part along with cap to cover your plant during the cold weather. However, don’t forget to take off the cap periodically so plant can breathe, and remember to remove the bottle during the warm weather.

Although gardening requires certain investments of time, the implementation of useful ideas and your creative thinking can turn it into pretty economical and affordable source of nice greenery and food.

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