Can An Outside Enthusiast Invest In Wine Purely To Buy And Resell For A Profit?

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invest in wineFor decades, people from different communities have been investing in the wine business. As in any other business, people are always investing with the plan of making a profit.

However, experts in the industry have been advising investors to be careful with this investment as it may not be all hail to the bank but rather it may disappoint.

If you are enthusiastic enough, you can still make good profits in the industry and become different from all the others. Here are a few tips on how you can benefit from the wine business.

What are the costs for trading in fine wine?

Be careful with all the operations and costs for every sale. Ensure that you know about the different auction houses and their average fees. Average cost ranges between 10-20% but is often deducted when a sale is made.

Therefore, as an investor with an eye for profit, you can wait for the product to appreciate. However, you should always ensure that your asset in excellent condition until it’s sold.

You should also have in mind that some types of wine take longer to appreciate in value. Therefore, your storage must be top notch to maintain the value of the wine at all times.

Nevertheless, you should not just invest in any wine. According to wine merchants with experience, “blue-chip” wines are the best type with higher chances of increasing in value.

Is wine worth the consideration over other investments?

Investing in real estate, stocks and other forms of investments may be attractive and less risky than the wine industry. However, the higher the risks in investment, the better the returns when then profits start to accumulate.

Come to think of it, why didn’t Novice simply invest in real estate over wine industry? In this industry, it’s all about the risk you take for you to make substantial profits.

Does it have the liquidity to attain profit?

You may tend to think that fine wine does not have enough liquidity for a profitable investment. Mainly because you don’t have a guarantee that it will increase in value when you buy.

Well, your investment strategy is determinant for this to happen. As an enthusiast investor, it’s good to keep a smart move. Invest with wines that have a record in appreciating in value.

You must also ensure that your storage is up to standards. Don’t expect to put your bottles in your basement and make a fortune few years down the line.

Another thing about the wine investment is that you must learn the market first before placing your investment. For your fine wine to gain its real value, the process of buying and selling has to be right.

Meet sellers, request clearance and finally check references.  The wines integrity takes at least five months to be established.

Wine integrity

Before you start investing, learn quick background checks on different sellers on the market. Distinguish fake from authorized sellers.

If you cannot afford to invest and buy wine from the manufacturers’ direct, look for stores that are genuine and ready to help you grow in the industry, therefore you can buy wine enprimeur.

Additionally, it’s good to buy from merchants that have a record you can emulate.  However, for a simple way to make profits, you can choose to spend more and invest in the finest wine.

It has more chances of appreciating although after several years from 5 to 20. Additionally, quality increase and scarcity are also factors that stir the appreciation of value in fine wine.

Alternatively, for you to make a profitable investment in the wine industry keep a close eye on the market movement.

Ensure that you understand the norms of the business better. Be aware of the investment requirements and how to invest wisely.


Being an enthusiast is very good and it usually gives decent returns. However, as far as wine is concerned and you are not well versed with the dos and don’ts of the industry, you should be careful.

Be clear and ensure that your enthusiasm and excitement doesn’t cloud your thinking as you spend cash to diversify portfolio investment in the wine industry.

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