Chinese Inventions We Are Grateful For

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virtual reality applicationsToday, around 1-in-5 people on the planet are Chinese. Their enormous population and continuous economic development have made them one of the largest economic super powers on the planet.

Technologically, China is still a country that brings about plenty of innovations, despite not having the same reputation for technological inventiveness as their Japanese neighbors across the sea. However, all of this progress didn’t come from nowhere. The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest civilizations that is still around today.

During that time, the Chinese people have created a wide list of inventions and treasures that we take for granted, today, but still affect our lives in immense ways. Indeed, without the input of ancient Chinese innovators, the entire world as we know it might look a lot different today. Here is a list of several Chinese inventions that we are incredibly grateful for…

Paper (and printing)

Although writing and written language has been around for thousands and thousands of years, it was usually only written upon larger and heavier materials, such as stone or hardened clay.

Later iterations of writing would use bamboo and wooden slabs to try to streamline the process. However, sometime in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 AD), a man by the name of Cai Lun began to produce the first batches of paper.

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These initial papers were created from tree bark and various old cloth bits. Having a material that was as light and easy to produce as paper made an incredible leap in the amount of writing possible. Later on, the Chinese people also found a way to print onto paper, which started a revolution in the mass production of written language.


Although human beings have a long history of cleaning their teeth in someway or another, as several cultures created their own forms of toothpaste (check out this article here to learn more about that), it’s safe to say that the toothbrush is the real modern foray into oral hygiene.

The Chinese were the first people to invent what we would recognize as a modern toothbrush, an invention that was developed in 1400’s. This initial invention was made from pig’s hair and bamboo. It wasn’t until the 1600’s, when these original toothbrushes were being imported to Europe that Europeans started to develop their own forms of toothbrushes by using horsehair and wood.

Even then, actually brushing your teeth didn’t become a commonplace activity until the 1940’s, when it became mandatory for soldiers to clean their teeth as part of their daily routine.

Alcoholic beverages

Today, beer is a common staple that is enjoyed by many people around the globe as a casual alcoholic beverage to enjoy after a long day at work. This tradition, however, goes back a lot further than anybody realizes, to the Xia Dynasty in ancient China (2000 BC).

The first beer, as well as other alcoholic drinks, were created by two Chinese inventors, Yi Di and Du Kang. They accomplished this by using various grains in a fermentation process that would produce alcohol. The Chinese also discovered, in 1000 BC, that they could use longer fermentation processes to create more alcohol, which would make a stronger drink. This process never reached Europe until the 1100’s.

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Silk is known as one of the most comfortable fabrics that you can use for sheets and clothing, nowadays. However, the history of silk is actually a very long one. As far as researchers can tell, the discovery of clothing that could be made from the silk from silkworms goes back to around 3600 BC, during the Chinese Neolithic period (before any dynasty).

Initially, silk was one of the prime inventions that Europeans found to be irresistible from China, thus opening up a gracious trade route between the two regions (until China was ruthlessly exploited by the British Empire).


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