Dos and Don’ts of Extreme Couponing

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extreme couponingCouponing is an activity that can significantly stretch your house budget, and in some extreme cases it can give you the opportunity to live almost without any money, while saving your profits for some more important purposes.

Since the big recession of the last decade, more Americans are deciding to start their extreme couponing adventures, and to enter this time-consuming, but also very rewarding practice. In this article we summed up some of the dos and don’ts every couponing beginner needs to know.

Cash in the Creek: Guide to Extreme Couponing

Kyra Wallace’s Top 10 Tips to Extreme Couponing: 1. Find your motivation. 2. Create an email for couponing. 3. Find your method for organization. 4. Become comfortable with doing things differently. 5. Only shop for things on sale. 6. Dump brand


Build a Big Storage Area

Some people think that buying only with coupons will produce shortages of various everyday products. It’s actually the other way around, this practice will create a big pile of surplus goods, and it is essential that you store these products in the right way so you can use, sell or give them away later.

That’s why one of the basics for becoming an extreme couponer is to build a big storage area, where you are going to store all these surplus goods. Your storage area should be equipped with shelves and it should also have the conditions the most products require when being stored.

In most cases this means it should be dark, reasonably cold, ventilated and dry. Keeping your surplus in good condition will enable you to trade it more easily for the products you are desperate for.

Buy a Good Quality Deep Freezer

Frozen food is one of the most common items that can be bought with coupons in American supermarkets. For storing this food you’ll need special conditions, and buying a good quality and roomy freezer is definitely one of the best investments you can make, when starting to live this way.


This is one of the most important criteria when maintaining a big storage. You need to organize your products in a way that enables you the easier access the products you use more often.

Another important thing is to consume and organize your stored items by expiration date, from the earliest to the latest. This will make your storage area more functional and it will also bring down the number of products that will end up in the trash.


Rely Only on Every-Day Grocery Shopping Coupons

To save money you need to spread your area of interest. Some people only limit themselves on grocery shopping savings, while there are other very useful money-saving offers that can be found.

You can also find coupons for restaurants, vacations and one of the most popular ones in the last few years are mobikwik coupons with which you are able to pay your bills or use them for online shopping.

Take Too Much Goods

This is one of the most common mistakes made by beginners. When they realize the opportunities of coupon shopping, they start buying big piles of all available goods and overfill their storage area. Some people even use their rooms, kitchens and hallways as additional storage space for the products they’re never going to use.

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If you too fall into temptation to buy everything that comes to mind, at least don’t be stingy and give away the surplus that you know you’re not going to use or trade, to your friends, family, or some charity organization.

Take Extreme Couponing Too Seriously

Don’t lose hours of you valuable time, just for finding good deals. You should always be on alert, when it comes to bargains, but dedicating all your life to this one activity can make you lose some of your friends and relatives when you need them the most (to give you their coupons).


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