Establishing Healthy Habits with Your Kids

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Healthy HabitsAs parents, all we really want is for our children to be healthy. We want them to be happy, and thrive as they grow and become adults. No matter how much we love them and want them to succeed, however, sometimes we make mistakes as we raise them.

No parents are perfect. All too often we make compromises and give in to make our child happy momentarily, even though it isn’t the thing that is best for our child.

Good nutrition

No one wants to raise a picky eater. When our child refuses to eat their vegetables and instead  begs to eat potato chips for dinner, we curse the fact that we were given a “bad eater”.

How much of our childs bad eating habits is naturally ingrained, though? Most of these bad eating habits actually start when they’re a baby and given solids for the first time.

The vast majority of baby food consists of something savory, like vegetables, mixed with something sweet, like fruit. The downside to feeding your child food like this, is that it teaches them to only eat sweet things.

And then we get frustrated when they refuse brussels sprouts later in life. It’s a good idea to try to avoid sweet things in the earliest stages of their life.

Unnaturally sweet things should be avoided until they’re about a year old, and naturally sweet things should be postponed until they have a pretty good eating routine down and seem to enjoy all of the savory options presented to them.

When your child asks for something to drink with their meal, try to avoid juice and other sweet drinks. Although they contain fruit, juice isn’t as healthy as you would think.

Sleep routine

Healthy HabitsAfter the initial euphoria wears off when your first child arrives in the world, you quickly realize that you’ll be saying goodbye to a good night’s’ sleep for at least a few months.

For many parents, they don’t have success getting their children to sleep through the night until they’re close to a year old, and sometimes even later than that.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you ask most parents whose babies slept through the night at only a few months old, they’ll all tell you that all they really did was set up a good sleep routine for their child.

Having a bedtime routine helps your child know what to expect when they go to bed, and also know what to expect when they wake up in the morning. It doesn’t really matter what your bedtime routine is, as long as you stay consistent with your routine.

For some families, this includes a bath before bed. For others, it means sitting down to read a book before going to bed. No matter the routine, just remember to find what works best for you and your children, and then stick with it, even when travelling and out of town.

Try not to worry too much

Healthy HabitsEasier said than done, right? You love your child and you want what’s best for them. This can very easily turn into being overbearing, which is never good for a child.

You have to give them space to breathe and figure things out for themselves. You’ll always be there for guidance and help, but it’s good to let them try to problem solve and figure out how to do things on their own.

This helps you raise independent children who will thrive as adults. Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything, it just stresses you out and takes time away from enjoying every single available moment you have with your children while they’re young.

Let them be little. Let them chew on their books instead of reading them. Let them sing to themselves as they fall asleep. And let them make mistakes. Mistakes will happen and that’s a part of life.

No good comes from you shielding them from these mistakes. You’re enabling them to be healthy, well-rounded adults when you let them make mistakes and learn from them.

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