Everything You Need to Know about Looking After your Feet

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Our feet work hard day in and out, carrying us from A to B.  It can be a tough job.  According to The Walking Site, depending upon lifestyle, we can take between 1,000 and 10,000 steps a day, or even more.

That’s why it’s important to take good care of our feet, and to address any pain or problems quickly, if they should arise.  Here’s our advice on how to put your ‘best foot forward’ when it comes to foot care.

Keep your feet clean

According to The California Podiatric Medical Association, there are a whopping 250,000 sweat glands on our feet.  Not only can this make for a smelly experience when you remove your socks, but it also provides the perfect warm, moist environment for fungal infections like athlete’s foot to thrive.

Foot care advice – Live Well – NHS Choices

Find out how to take care of your feet and prevent and treat foot problems, plus special advice for over-60s.


Make sure to wash your feet daily and dry them thoroughly, drying between the toes, as well.  Try to wear socks made out of a breathable material, that aren’t too tight.

Cut your toenails regularly

Long or improperly cut toenails can cause all sorts of problems down the line.  Dr. Luisa Dillner of The Guardian recommends cutting them straight across and not too short, to prevent ingrowing toenails (which occur when the nail grows into the skin of the toe).

It can help to carefully file down any sharp edges with an emery board, to prevent them from cutting the skin, but don’t file too far down, as this can injure the feet.

Treat cuts, bunions and ulcers properly

looking after your feetNo matter how well you treat your feet, problems like bunions and ulcers can still arise.  Foot ulcers can be a complication of diabetes, and regular podiatric check-ups can help catch and treat these effectively.  Bunions (bony lumps at the bottom of the big toe) can be very painful, and can get progressively worse if untreated.

In milder cases, painkillers or bunion pads (cushioning that adheres to the foot to gently protect it or alter its shape) may be of help.  If your bunion is causing you a lot of pain, though, surgery may be required.  Specialist consultants at Highgate Hospital in London are amongst the foremost in bunion surgery.

They can rectify the bunion under local or general anaesthetic and have you back on your feet quickly with top-notch aftercare and advice.

Think carefully about footwear

Tightly-fitting or high-heeled shoes can badly damage our feet when worn too often, or for too long.  The Spine Institute notes that high-heeled shoes increase pressure on the balls of the feet, potentially damaging not only the feet but also affecting balance and posture.

Looking After Your Feet

Diabetes can increase the risk of developing problems with your feet. You can reduce this risk if you have regular foot checks with a health professional and take …


Be sure to choose shoes that fit well, and try to limit time wearing high-heeled shoes.

Address foot pain quickly

A lot of us push on through foot pain, accepting it as a part of everyday life.  But because our feet carry us so far each day, small problems can easily become big if gone untreated.

Check your feet every day, and be sure to seek medical advice if you experience recurring pain.  So make sure to stay aware and pro-active, and keep in touch with your health, head-to-toe.


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