Gifts for the Tech Junkie in your Family

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gifts for the tech junkieBuying for a tech lover can be an incredibly difficult task when Christmas-time rolls around. The world of technology is a vast pool of constantly changing technology to wade through, in order to find out what is still relevant.

This makes it hard to find just the right gift that a techie will love. On top of that, many pieces of technology can be incredibly expensive, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. However, for the smart shopper, there is a plethora of gifts that will fit within your budget, and be sure to put a smile on your tech lover’s face.

Here’s a list of perfect gifts for the tech junkie in your family…

Smart LED bulbs

The Philips Hue Smart Bulb is one of the niftiest gadgets on the forefront of home lighting. These bulbs are highly energy efficient, as most LED bulbs are, but can also be controlled from a smartphone, tablet, or computer with the Philips Hue App.

Not only can you turn them off and on, but you can even dim or them to your specifications, and even change the colors on each bulb (if you bought the type of Hue bulbs that can change color). In the app, you can save your different lighting setups so that the perfect mood lighting is just a push of a button away.

iPhone lenses

iphone lensesSmartphones are getting better and better camera sensors as the years go by. The software for reading the captured image is getting a lot better, as well. For example, the newest iPhone model can shoot video in 4K resolution. That is simply remarkable! However, some may still find it difficult to get professional looking images with just the smartphone’s manufacturer lens.

That’s why there are companies out there making smartphone lenses in a variety of forms and styles. These lenses can help you capture better looking images, and give you more options to choose from with wide, telephoto, and even macro lenses! The Olloclip 4-in1 lens system is a great starting kit of interchangeable lenses for your smartphone photographer.

3D-Printing pen

Help your techie artist create sketches that just leap off of the page! It’s incredibly easy with 3d-doodle pens. These awesome gadgets use concepts of 3D printing and puts them into a nifty little pen that lets you draw objects in a 3D space.

This opens up new and exciting ways to sketch out creative ideas, and represents just one cool way that technology is furthering the boundaries of art. The filament needed to refill the pen is cheap, as well, at just $2 for a batch of 26 colors that can last dozens of 3D doodles.


Do you know someone who is incredibly apt to lose things? Well, there is a great technological way to help them keep their keys and valuables safe. It’s called Tile. Tile is an app that connects to small white cubes (also called Tiles) that can be connected via clip to keychains, remote controls, luggage, wallets, vehicles, etc.

The app keeps track of each physical tile that you have connected to your phone, and can track them across the globe, giving you a precise location at all times. The app and physical tile can be yours for only $25 from Tile’s own website.

Google Cardboard

google cardboardFor those looking to put a homegrown, DIY touch on their gift, but still want it to be applicable to the tech world, then the Google Cardboard is just what you are looking for. Virtual Reality (VR) worlds and games are just around the corner, and Google has found a way to bring this world to people for an extremely low cost, assuming you already have a smartphone.

The Google Cardboard is essentially a set of cardboard goggles that you can either buy, or make yourself (Google has instructions, online). In front of the goggles is a place where you can attach you smartphone in such a way that it fills the entire view of whoever is wearing the goggles.


Once the physical VR headset is created, you can search for VR apps that utilize 3D spaces in a way that you can actually look around and interact with a digital environment.

If you’d rather purchase your own Google Cardboard, Google sells them for only $3-$4!

Handheld audio recorder

-Professional quality audio recording is now available in the palm of your hand (actually, it’s been there a few years, but it just keeps getting better and better). There are a variety of different handheld audio recorders at different price points that will be perfect for the audiophile in your family.

For an example of a particularly nice recorder, the Zoom H6 is an amazing recorder on the market right now. It has four XLR inputs and can record up to 6 different channels, simultaneously, with terrific audio quality. For a variety of awesome handheld recorders to pick from, check out this list of items here.


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