How Do I Clean An Oven?

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  • Following a spill, sprinkle with salt immediately. When the oven is cool brush off burnt food and wipe with a damp sponge.
  • Sprinkle bottom of oven with automatic dishwasher soap and cover with paper towels. Let stand for a few hours.
  • A quick way to clean oven parts is to place a bath towel in the bathtub and pile all removable parts from the oven onto it. Draw enough hot water to just cover the parts and sprinkle a cup of dishwasher soap over it. While you are cleaning the inside of the oven, the rest will be cleaning itself.
  • An inexpensive oven cleanser: Set oven on warm for about 20 minutes, then turn off. Place a small dish of full strength ammonia on the top shelf. Put a large pan of boiling water on the bottom shelf and let it stand over night. In the morning, open oven and let it air a while before washing off with soap and water. Even the hard baked-on grease will wash off easily.

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