How Do I Clean My Barbecue Grill?

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Beef and Corn on a Charcoal BBQ grillImage via Wikipedia

  • Barbecue grill: Tear off a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil large enough to completely cover your grill. Press foil shiny side down on grill and fold sides under covering as tightly as possible. When coals have nearly reached their hottest point place grill over coals for ten minutes. Remove foil and any other charred grease or food on your grill should drop off leaving your grill clean and shiny.
  • Before ever using your barbecue grill, spray it heavily with vegetable oil.
  • Restaurant grills: A fast and effective way to clean a grill is to use left over brewed coffee. Pour it on a hot or cold grill. Wipe off and you will be amazed at the results.

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