How Do I Remove Excess Fat From Foods?

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Colorful Ice Cube Trays, IKEAImage by cobalt123 via FlickrRemoving Excess fat

  • If time allows, the best method is to refrigerate the food until the fat hardens on the top.
  • Eliminate the fat from soup and stew by dropping ice cubes into the pot. As you stir, the fat will cling to the cubes. Discard the cubes before they melt. Or wrap the ice cubes in a piece of cheesecloth or paper towel and skim off the top.
  • Lettuce leaves absorb fat also. Place a few in the pot and watch the grease cling to them.
  • If you prop up one leg of your electric frying pan, you can make relatively grease free hamburgers or bacon by frying on the elevated side of the pan.
  • When broiling meats on a rack, place a piece of bread in the broiler pan to soak up the dripping grease. This will eliminate the smoking grease and reduce the chances of the grease catching fire.

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