How Old-School Marketing Can Still Work for You

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old school marketingWe live in an age where everything is supposed to be digital and where everything that brings to mind any old business practices is scoffed at and ignored. This can be particularly well-observed in the world of marketing where everyone is telling business owners that digital marketing is the only one worth their money and time these days and only dinosaurs still do traditional, old-school marketing.

In reality, however, things are much different and it is safe to say that traditional marketing techniques can still provide your business with plenty of attention and new markets that will allow your business to grow. We will be looking at some of these old-school marketing techniques and explain why they might be great for boosting your business.

  1. Local media

Unless you are providing services remotely, it is highly likely that your target customer base will be local in nature, meaning that you will be aiming your efforts to people in your area. Traditionally, the best way to reach out to the local community is through local media such as papers, radio and TV.


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While it is true that the consumers of local media have diminished in size over the last decade or so, there are still plenty of people who rely on local media to provide them with news, entertainment and knowledge of local events and businesses.

Because of this, you can still do a lot by approaching local media and taking out ad space and time on local radio stations and TV stations, as well as in local newspapers. If you want, you can even try and become a local source of opinion or information in your field, which will get you even more exposure in the area.

  1. Trade shows

old school marketingTrade shows are perhaps the most old-school marketing technique of them all – exhibiting your products and your services to people who have interest in them and who are highly likely to make purchases or at least remember you as a business. Trade shows are still an excellent opportunity for you to raise awareness of your brand and your business.

In order to do best that you can, you will need to bring together the perfect team, analyze your goals and find the best trade show to meet those goals. Of course, you will also need to come up with the perfect exhibition booth that will employ elements like hanging banners, iPad stands and anything else that you believe will attract the customers.

  1. Organizing events

Events are another old-school marketing technique that can do a lot to promote your business and the best thing is that you can easily modify any event to fit your needs, your budget and the scope of your business. For instance, an organized event can be as extravagant as a cruise for your partners and biggest clients and as humble and as local as a movie night in the local public park. An event may cost you a few hundred thousand dollars or it may cost less than a few hundreds.


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In the end, you will have reminded people of who you are; you will have exposed a whole new group of people to your business and your products and you will have done a lot for promoting your business.

  1. Networking

Networking is not exactly marketing in its strictest sense, but it is still about promoting your business, this time among people who are in the industry and who might not be your direct customers or clients. However, as the awareness of your business grows, the word will spread and your business will soon be finding new clients that will allow it to grow. If you are not too skilled in networking, there are plenty of things that you can do to improve your skills.

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