How to Deal With a Jealous Dog

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jealous dogLike humans, dogs can also be jealous, especially when it comes to sharing your love and attention with another dog. Most dogs don’t like competition and want to hog all of your attention, and this is most evident in the first few weeks when you bring home a new dog and your older dog starts to feel threatened.

If you are lucky, this jealously will only pertain to your attention and time and not food, treats and toys. But if you aren’t that lucky and have on your hands a dominating older dog, you will have to learn some basic rules about dealing with a jealous dog and re-enforcing good behavior so that all of you can cohabitate in peace.

Jealous dog makes it known that he is not happy about the arrival of a foster pet

Named Sebastian, the Newfoundland can be heard growling slightly – albeit while its tail wags – as its owner asks it whether it likes the new dog. The dog replies with a number of barks, which causes the foster dog to look around at the camera with a …


Figure out how you want your dogs to behave, and then start teaching them these good behavioral traits. Dogs are pack animals, so it isn’t uncommon for your pets to want to develop a hierarchical pattern. One of them might be pushier, the other more willing to be dominated. You have to figure out which one of them is more domineering, and then try and get that dog to adjust to the changes through training and rewarding.


jealous dogIt’s important for your dogs to understand that they don’t have to compete with each other for love, attention or food. There is plenty for both of them in your household and its best if they learn how to co-exist peacefully. In the initial few days, it’s recommended to feed them separately.

While they can be fed at the same time, make sure there is reasonable distance between the two of them so that neither of them feels like they need to protect their meal. Make sure that you oversee all feedings until your dogs have developed a balanced relationship. Also, if you offer petting or treats to one, make sure you offer the same to the other so they understand that you do not favor one over the other.


Bad behavior has to be curbed from the beginning. If you catch the more dominating, jealous dog trying to pick a fight with the quieter, less aggressive one, reprimand the dog. Experts believe that for a jealous dog to adjust to the presence of a new dog in the family, you have to develop certain tactics. Spend some time with the jealous dog – petting, playing fetch or just cuddling together.

jealous dogThen offer him/her a dog treat, give a sit-stay command, and pet the other dog. Make sure that you pet the second dog for a lesser amount of time, and end it with a treat. If the dominating dog has silently witnessed the whole act without reacting, return back to him and give him some extra love and attention for being a good dog.

If the dominating dog starts to show signs of aggression by growling, barking or tries to move closer to you, check the behavior immediately with a stern command. You can also punish the dog by ignoring him completely. Repeat this practice until both the dogs become comfortable with sharing your attention and love.

Pet peeves: Dogs really do get jealous, scientists say

Whatever you call it, as a dog owner, a pushy pet can be really annoying. “You need to set rules for interactions,” Bain said. “If my son is yelling ‘Mom, mom, mom!,’ I’m not going to pay attention to him.” The trick is training the “jealous” dog not

Believe it or not, sometimes a disciplined lifestyle can make all the difference, and help your jealous dog adjust better to changes. Make sure that you give your dogs plenty of exercise, high quality food, take care of your pets’ fur and skin with the latest furminator and give them plenty of love.

Long walks together greatly helps the dogs adjust better to each other, as they are removed from the family environment and get to bond with each other outdoors, which comes naturally to them. A secret trick: reward good behavior with high quality doggy treats!

Just like you’d give your pet parrot a yummy treat like make sure you always have delicious dog treats handy to reward good behavior and endorse it further in your dogs as well.

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