Icy Roads: How to Handle a Cold Winter Crash

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accidentYou just want to jump in your car and get to where you are going without worrying, but that does not mean everything will go as planned. Accidents happen, and they happen more often during the winter for a number of reasons, such as black ice. This is why it is important to know how to handle an accident, and the following tips will help.

In or Out

You checked to make sure everyone in the car is okay or have called for help if needed, but now you have to figure out if you should stay in the car after this accident.

Those who can should get out of the car and head to a safe location. Those who are seeing cars left to right might want to stay put because the vehicle may offer protection the road cannot.

Stick to Facts

You probably already called your insurance company to report the incident and are trying to jot down information regarding the accident.

Take down names, phone numbers, statements from witness, and take photographs, but do not say anything about whose fault the accident was. Do not admit to anything because these sort of details will be taken care of later on.

Professional Call

It is time to call a professional to ensure this accident and everything surrounding it are handled in your favor. You will need to hire a personal injury lawyer like Jerome O Fjeld or someone similar who has handled similar accidents before.

Be sure to follow his or her suggestions regarding the incident and treatments you seek afterwards, should you need them. Try to get a hold of a trustworthy lawyer by reading reviews and sitting down on an interview to see if he or she feels right.

Take a Class

The accident might not have been your fault, but you can try to avoid this from happening again by taking a few precautionary classes. You want to take defensive driving classes to help you navigate icy roads a little better.

These types of classes help you see signs of trouble and also teach you how to keep control of your car should you spin out. Keep in mind that these skills are going to be helpful for all seasons.

These are just some ideas that may help you deal with a car accident. Make sure you are meticulous about the details regarding the accident because your lawyer will appreciate that.

You should be patient because this process may take some time to get taken care of.


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