Incredible Virtual Reality Applications

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virtual reality applicationsVirtual reality has fascinated our society for ages.  The idea that we can slip on a set of glasses and suddenly appear in a different world is enchanting.  It’s no wonder that gaming companies use it to introduce new and exciting worlds through their games.

They create an experience that is better than anything out there — except for maybe reality itself.  While you’re looking at the app store to find your next virtual reality game, or sifting through YouTube’s famous 360° videos, read on for six clever virtual reality applications.


Can you imagine being able to visit any place on earth in less than five seconds?  With sites like YouVisit and with technology like the Oculus Rift, you can.  It’s just like being teleported to the location.

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The creators behind this technology are not trying to replace travel, rather, give people a taste of popular travel destinations and convince them to visit.  Marriott recently created a 4-d experience of Hawaii and London that even includes wind simulations and sounds to make you feel like you are actually there.  They took their innovative way to travel to hotels across the nation last year, allowing guests to experience virtual reality travel first hand.

Military Training

Virtual reality has recently been used to train better soldiers.  Using the technology, soldiers can be placed in potentially dangerous situations and help them make appropriate decisions without placing them in actual danger.

They can be placed in combat situations, medic training, as well as flight and vehicle simulations.  Virtual simulations have been used to help the military since the early 1980’s.  In recent years, virtual reality has become even more valuable because new recruits are used to gaming platforms and they catch on quickly.  Virtual reality also cuts down reset time for missions, allowing the military to do more training in less time.

Health Care


Alien Planet With Earth Moon And MountainsMedical students don’t have the luxury of trying out operations or before they perform the real thing, except via virtual reality.  The same is true of dental students, paramedic students, and more.

It allows students to practice on virtual patients without putting anyone in danger if something goes wrong.  Students can also be placed in stressful emergency situations to help them learn to make necessary decisions under pressure.  Virtual reality has also been proven to increase recovery speeds in many areas.

It also is a great way to help patients rehabilitate after strokes, ease the pain of ghost limbs, as well as help patients during burn treatment.

Exposure Therapy, PTSD, and Addiction Recovery

Virtual reality is used to combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), phobias, and helps recovering addicts overcome their addictions.  Through exposure therapy (gently easing a patient into that which he fears), these patients are allowed to heal.

For PTSD, veterans are re-exposed to the sights and sounds of war, helping them deal with what caused the trauma in a safe environment.  Those overcoming addictions are exposed to what this blog calls “virtual temptation;” situations that may be triggers for the recovering addict.  If someone has a phobia, they can slowly and safely be exposed to the things that they fear to help them overcome them.

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For example, those with glossophobia, or fear of public speaking, can use an app on the Oculus Rift to practice delivering speeches to crowds of people.  They can adjust the size of the crowd, how the crowd responds, and more.


Virtual simulations of crime scenes are especially helpful in a courtroom setting.  The jury no longer have to rely on two dimensional powerpoints, out of date site visits, and their imaginations to see what happened; they can be transported right to the scene of the crime.

Both sides could have their own program to show the jury.  However, the expense of virtual reality may keep it out of the courtrooms for a few more years, as well as pushback from judges (many judges are skeptical of new technology — when photographs and video were first introduced in the courtroom, judges were very skeptical).

Also, it could give an unfair advantage to a wealthier party — if a prosecutor were more tech savvy or wealthier than the defendant, they could be able to use the technology and possibly win the jury’s favor.

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