Infuse a Little Fun Into Your Workweek

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Do you go to bed on Sunday night, dreading the morning because you know it means you have a full week of work ahead of you? You’re not alone. Monday can seem daunting, as your relaxing weekend comes to a close.

It can be exhausting to have to feel resentment towards your work week, every single week. There are a few different ways to make your week a little more bearable and, even, enjoyable.

Propose extending casual Friday

Coming into work on Mondays would be a lot easier if you knew you could come in your sweatpants or jeans, instead of slacks, right?

Because you know you’re not the only one that doesn’t really feel like coming into work every Monday, it may be worth recommending that your entire office institute a casual monday in addition to or in place of casual friday.

To make things a little more organized, you could design team branded sweatpants for everyone at your company. This will provide a bit of structure to an otherwise slightly scatterbrained idea, and if you’re repping your company, your higher-ups may just agree.

Find a local food truck for lunches

The food may be basically the same as what you could be getting at a restaurant, but there’s something just fun and almost novel about going to a food truck.

It’s not too hard to find a food truck in your area, and you can get a group of coworkers together to try out new food trucks every week. It’s a nice break from the monotonous, and it also gives you a chance to try out new cuisines and foods.

Organize team building exercises

You’re going to have a much more enjoyable workplace experience if you’re familiar with and friends with the people you spend every single day with.

Some people naturally become friends with the people they work with, but others need a little bit more encouragement and nudging to bond with those around them.

A team building exercise is a great way to encourage interaction and help everyone feel involved. A team building exercise could be almost anything.

A word-storming exercise is a fun, while still work related, team building opportunity you could try out. Everyone can get together and write down the things that they think makes your company, department, or team, special or important.

You can then group these topics together until you’ve whittled everyone’s suggestions down to a few key ideas that will help make you all feel more connected.

Start a book club

Finding things that unite you is important to help you enjoy your work week. If you have coworkers who have similar interests, think about maybe setting up a book club.

You have to see each other every single day, anyway, so you may as well have something interesting to discuss. You can all decide on a book together, or you can each take a turn selecting the book to read.

Choose a day to have a quick meeting, maybe over your lunch break, to sit and discuss the book and what you thought of it.

Not only will you get the opportunity to read lots of great new books, but you also get to learn more about the people that you work with and the way that they think.

Create a group playlist with your coworkers

Listening to music makes your workday go by much faster. It can be really helpful to have something to listen to to keep you entertained as you work.

Reach out to the other people in your department, and create a group playlist on Spotify or something similar. Everyone can listen to it separately at their own desks, but it is a fun way to collaborate and see what kind of music your coworkers like to listen to.

It will also expose you to new music that you may not have listened to otherwise. Have a selected number of songs that everyone should add to the playlist, so it doesn’t get accidentally dominated by any one individual.

You can maybe have a plan to redo the playlist every two or three weeks, so the playlist gets fresh new music and you have something fun to look forward to every few weeks.

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