Jeju Island: South Korea’s Best Kept Vacation Destination Secret

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jeju islandJeju Island is South Korea’s most popular vacation island, enticing 10 million visitors in 2014, based on Korean Travel Ministry research.

Greater than 70% of vacationers are domestic tourists, looking for exactly what has actually ended up being referred to as the “Hawaii of South Korea.”

The island is popular for natural marvels, consisting of waterfalls, white sand beaches and an inactive volcano– South Korea’s tallest mountain– at the heart of the island.

Jeju Island

Jeju Island is even the home of haenyo divers, similarly referred to as “Korean mermaids.” These ladies, typically older folk, have engaged in diving the ocean for abalone, sea urchin, octopus and seaweed.

The volcanic panorama– 90% of Jeju’s area is basalt– has given rise to other spots, such as grandfather stones (dolharubang), sculptures that look like Easter Island’s moai.

jeju island

Smart facts

  • Situated 64 kilometers to the south of the Korean Peninsula, Jeju is just one of 9 South Korean provinces and is the nation’s most popular getaway island.
  • Jeju Island is 1,848 square kilometers and has a populace of about 600,000 individuals.
  • In 2013, greater than 10 million travelers checked out Jeju based on govt stats. Greater than 70% were domestic visitors.
  • The capital of the remote island is Jeju City.
  • Jeju’s city of Seogwipo co-hosted the 2002 Korea/Japan FIFA World Cup.
  • Jeju is 434 kilometers to the south of Seoul. The flight time in between the two places is simply over an hour. Jeju International Airport services routine direct flights to cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing and Shanghai.

The best of Jeju Island manages numerous destinations with aplomb and not ever at the cost of quality. To go solely to the beach and follow the seacoasts?

Or to go roaming around the semi-tropical island’s natural marvels, consisting of the inactive volcano at the center of the island, the lava tubes or the unique cliffside rock formations?

It’s a tough choice. There are even crazy museums, special neighborhood meals (black pig, thick abalone porridge) and an ever-increasing crop of high-end resorts. This allows only one alternative: try a little bit of every thing and you’re bound to discover the very best of Jeju Island.


Halla Mountain

Jeju Island is at its essence a volcano in the ocean. The mother volcano is Halla Mountain, no more intimidating as a volcano– it’s been inactive for 10s of 1000s of years– however still South Korea’s highest peak at 1,950 meters (6,397 feet) above sea level.

The mountain, the surrounding Hallasan National Forest and the volcanic cones have jointly amassed a substantial list of national and UNESCO titles for their biodiversity.

However none of these honors truly communicate the sheer scale of the mountain, or the charm of the flora that transform character at higher elevations.


jeju island


Going to the beach is a greatest of Jeju Island activity. While in some way the whole province is surrounded by beaches (if not cliffs), the 2 model beaches are Hyeopjae Beach and Jungmun Beach.

White-colored sands and water in hues of tropical blue are a presented, as is Mount Halla as a remote background. Both beaches have close-by caverns to experience.

Jungmun is better for water sports due to more compelling waves, while Hyeopjae supports more solemn activities with its shallow waters.


Manjang Caves (Manjanggul)

The Manjang Caves are in reality an extinct lava tube– the longest tube on Jeju Island, to be distinct, at 13 kilometers (8 miles) long. It encloses the biggest recorded lava column worldwide, which is 7.6 meters (25 feet) high.

Visitors can not pass through the whole length of the tube, however even a sampling is fascinating.


Jusangjeolli Cliffs

Jeju Island’s volcanic past makes the island’s rock formations especially noteworthy. One example: the impressive coastline of the Jusangjeolli Cliffs, National Monument No. 443.

Found near Jungmun Beach, the cliffs are consisted of rectangle-shaped pillars that appear like they were sculpted by human hands. Credit, naturally, goes to the lava.

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    I never heard of this place or even considered South Korea a tourist destination. I have to say that Jeju Island is a beautiful place. I like the video of the cyclist having a great time going around the island.

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