Lake Shumarinai: Japan’s Best Kept Vacation Destination Secret

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lake shumarinaiLake Shumarinai is one of Japan’s most beautiful tourist destinations that very few know about. Located on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, you could visit Japan and make the biggest mistake by not visit this picturesque area.

Lake Shumarinai

Lake Shumarinai in northern Hokkaido is the biggest man-made lake with 13 large and small islands dotted on the surface of this lake in Japan. The outline of the lake is about 40 kilometers, and intricate topography like a fjord is distinctive. Uryu Dam was constructed in 1940 and the Lake Shumarinai was formed. Water activities are flourishing, and lots of people go to get on canoes and kayaks. There is a camping ground, a boat dock for fishing and boating. Admission cost-free. And parking is complimentary.

lake shumarinai

Travelers can indulge in a sightseeing pleasure boat for about Thirty Minutes from June to September. Fishing there is a real treat, you can catch Candy Trout and Itou Fish during the summer months. Anglers can make a hole on the surface of the ice lake,during the winter months, to fish fresh-water smelts.

lake shumarinai

This district can get especially cold in Hokkaido. Kamikawa District near the lake has indicated Japan’s lowest temp, -41 degrees Celsius, in 1977, and a monument called Crystal Peaks was constructed there. The Lake Shumarinai is cold as well, too. The Lake Shumarinai is recommended for a traveler who can not be detered by cold. So bring appropriate cold weather garments if traveling there during the winter.

lake shumarinai

If you are traveling to Japan on holiday be sure to visit Lake Shumarinai in Hokkaido. There you will build memories of crystal clear water surrounded by beautiful greenery. Also you will find great fishing and accommodations. Stop by the Lake Shumarinai World Center for accommodations.

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