Little Secrets that Can Bring Big Profit

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how to be successfulHow to make big money and how to be successful are two fundamental issues for many people. People will do anything to reach the top, and with the rise of a new generation of entrepreneurs, success has garnered more praise than ever.

Now it’s easy to find thousands of informative interviews with top entrepreneurs all over the internet. This has inspired many to think of ways to strike it rich. In this article we have gathered some strategies that often prove to be successful.

Import Goods from China

China has become world’s largest economy and most of its business efforts are based on production. It is the largest exporter of goods in the world and every year more entrepreneurs decide to start their own import business.

If this is something that interests you, then before ordering the first batch of Chinese goods it is important to find a good and reliable supplier. These can be found on, which is the biggest web site specialized in establishing these kinds of contacts.

How to Import Products from China to Sell on eBay!

This is the most popular shipping method used by big companies to import goods from China. The cost per kilo (£100-£150 per pallet, even less if you can order full or half-container loads) is very low but the downside is the …


Remember to always ask for samples from each supplier and carefully select what you think is best. Minimal orders need to be agreed on with the supplier, and for smaller orders it is much better to use  There are many ways to sell Chinese goods.

Depending on the kind of goods you are importing, you can open a retail store or sell through websites and social networks. Counterfeit goods, like copies of popular designer clothes can get you into legal trouble, so it is much better to import non-branded items.

Trade Penny Stocks

Although this is considered to be the one of the most risky and volatile stock markets, penny stock trading can be highly lucrative in a relatively short period of time.

With proper planning, you will be able to use benefits of this constantly changing environment and earn substantial profits. Of course, time needs to be spent researching the market and determining which stocks could be potential pump-and-dump schemes.

How to Be Successful At Investing

I’ve shared before in one of my earlier articles that Dato’ Cheah Cheng Hye, the Chairman of investing firm Value Partners Group Ltd, is one of the investors whom I admire the most. One of the interesting things about Dato’ Cheah that I did not mention


There are many success stories from the penny stock market, but there are also horrifying ones with people losing all they have.

In order to build a good financial plan for the penny stock market, you will need to find as much relevant information as you can.First, investigate some of the successful penny stock broker web sites where you can find some very helpful information about how to start trading.

Start an App Business

Mobile apps have reached an unbelievable 30 million downloads a day, and the number of downloaded apps keeps growing. People who have opened app business in the last few years are those who have made the best use of this mobile internet wave.

Luckily, this market continues to grow, so there are still good chances of being successful. What best  puts the app business in motion are good ideas, but these are just 5% of the whole picture.

How to Start an App Business

At a rate of 30 million a day, downloading apps is a popular hobby among consumers. So, too, is developing ideas for great new ones. The trouble often lies in taking an app from conception to high-tech reality — but experts agree anyone can develop a …


You will also need to do careful competition research, complicated technical work, online promotion etc. Although creating a mobile app requires coding and software development skills, it still can be done by entrepreneurs with good ideas and absolutely no previous software experience, but in this case more investment is needed.

Depending on the OS the app is designed for, it can be sold on iTunes or Google Play, but just putting your app on some of these app markets will not guarantee its success. This means that, just as with any other business, you will also need to develop an ad campaign, promote it on social networks and develop a marketing budget.

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