Living on Less Than You Make

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 living on less The idea of living on less is scary for most people. What would happen if we gave up all of the luxuries and just survived on the basic necessities? Would it really be the end of the world?

Growing accustomed to a certain level of living can make it much more difficult to be frugal. But, when living frugally becomes a necessity, you find that you might not need as much as you thought you did.

Why is Living on Less Such a Problem?

Whether you want to declutter your life or you really need to get a handle on your finances, pulling up the bootstraps and cutting out anything that isn’t essential can work. For most people, this is not a long-term solution.

Spend Less Than You Make, a Common Sense Rule that America has Forgotten …

Living below your means simply means living on less money than comes in each month and saving any extra money earned through a pay increase or bonus instead of spending it on an increased standard of living. The difference can be dramatic, especially …


It’s kind of like going on a diet: you need to pick something manageable or you won’t be successful. Even living as simply as possible for two or three months can add a lot of cash back into your pocket. Here are a few things you could probably due without for at least a few months:


Yes, we connect, communicate and pay bills online, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay for it. Head out to the library or find a local café with free internet service.

Not only will you cut back on your Facebook time (enjoy the real world!) but you could save a bundle by cutting out that one bill.

Smart phones:

Landlines are cheaper, but they aren’t as convenient. If you are willing to sacrifice for a few months, you could save a ton of money by ditching the cell phones and going old school.

In addition to saving money, you can break your Candy Crush habit. Plus, a land line is much more reliable in a storm or other emergency.

Grants and benefits:

One area of financial assistance to help lower costs is the different grants and benefits available which can reduce the cost of many bills – especially utilities.

This is also a great way to borrow on the cheap as long as the money form the loan goes towards household goods.

Subscription Television:

Just like the internet and smart phones, the television truly is a luxury and a distraction. Ditching TV for a few months will encourage you to be more productive and save you a lot of money.If you really need a movie fix, head to the library for a free movie rental.

Dining out:

Not eating out can be difficult. It requires time and effort to put together meals at home. When snagging a bite on the run is a ton easier, it takes a lot of discipline to prepare your lunch before work and wait until you get home to grab dinner. But, nixing the fast food bug could easily save you over $100 a month.

Living With Less


Depending on where you live, your car could be a luxury. If you live farther away from town, having a vehicle is probably necessary. But, if you live close enough to town, you could easily ditch the car in favor of walking or taking public transportation.

It will take you longer to get places, but you will be paid for that time in the absence of a car payment and car insurance. Plus, you’ll get more exercise!

Your Dryer:

Want to lower your electric bill? Start air drying your clothes. Yes, it takes more time, but you can easily save several hundred dollars per year by ditching the dryer in favor of hang-drying all of your clothes.

In the summer, you’ll even save on air conditioning because you won’t have the dryer warming up your place.


Which luxury could you never give up? How many ways could you be living on less?

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