Mastering the Art of Interchangeable Holiday Decorating

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Beautiful holiday Easter table setting

Holiday decorating can quickly become tiring as the seasons continue to change, but fortunately there are several things that you can do to simplify the decorating process throughout the year.

One way is to master the art of “interchangeable” holiday decorating, where holiday decorating is boiled down to almost a science. Decorative pieces are swapped in and out throughout the year so that things always remain seasonal and festive.

Here are some tips on convertible holiday decorating so that you never again have to stress about decking out your home for the next holiday on the calendar.

Keep your decorations in an organized holiday rotation.

Firstly, none of these tips will mean anything if you don’t keep your decorations organized, knowing when it’s time to take each type of decor out. Here is a brief list of holidays you might consider keeping easy holiday decorations on hand for:

  • New Year’s
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Spring
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Summer
  • Fourth of July
  • Back to School
  • Fall
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Winter
  • Christmas or Hanukkah

Install small hooks underneath your mantle.

If your home has a fireplace with a mantle over it, consider installing small hooks underneath your mantle to simplify the process of hanging stockings every year.

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Then, throughout the year, you can use these hooks to hang festive lights, fun banners, seasonal flowers and foliage, etc.

Or, install a curtain rod underneath your mantle.

Alternatively, you might consider installing a curtain rod underneath your mantle. Doing so requires making only two holes at either end of your mantle, and then you can use the curtain rod to hang stockings, greenery, banners, lights, and so much more.

Swap photos and prints in and out of decorative frames.

Another great idea is to swap photos and prints in and out of decorative frames. Reserve a few places in your home for displaying seasonal photos and prints—on a gallery wall, on a mantle, or on a side table in your foyer, for example.

Then, as the seasons change, you can swap in family photos that match the season, as well as holiday-themed prints. You can even store the extra photos and prints inside the frame!

Decorate with candles.

Candles are popular decorative items at any time of the year, so consider keeping candles out in various areas around the home—on your coffee table, on a mantle, or on a side table, for example.

holiday decoratingThen you can swap candles in and out depending on the time of year, playing with different colors and scents to keep things festive.

Decorate with banners.

It’s also a good idea to designate a spot in your home for hanging banners, be it over the fireplace, on an empty wall, or in front of a couple windows. Banners do not take up a lot of space and are therefore easy to store, meaning you can keep any variety of holiday and seasonal banners on hand.

Have fun with linens and textiles.

Linens and textiles take up less space than bulky holiday decorative pieces, and they can be changed regularly throughout the home to keep things festive. If you regularly use a tablecloth at your kitchen table, for example, you might keep a selection of seasonal or colored tablecloths on hand.

Or, you might collect holiday linen napkins or placemats for swapping in and out throughout the year. You can also opt for seasonal bedding, holiday bath towels, or seasonal rugs for your home.

Use fresh flowers and plants.

Bringing seasonal flowers into your home is a great way to welcome in the season, and who doesn’t like fresh flowers in the home?

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Another plus to working fresh flowers and plants into your holiday decor is that you can buy them as you need them, without having to store off-season flowers and plants in your home the rest of the year. Simply keep a few large, neutral planters on hand and swap in a new flower or plant for a new, festive look.

Keep your home clean and classic.

Finally, it’s especially easy to swap holiday decor in and out when your home offers a clean, neutral base for decorating. Consider designing and decorating your home in such a way that adding a few holiday touches is always a cinch.

This article outlines some of the key elements of clean and classic interior style, which include a lack of clutter, simple patterns, neutral colors, and functionality.


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