Mistakes Homeowners Make when Trying to Boost Curb Appeal

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Typical American midclass new development house exterior.

When you are trying to sell your home, it is important to make sure that your interior is lovely and cozy, something that people could really imagine themselves spending a portion of their lives in.

However, it honestly doesn’t do you much good to have a great interior if nobody ever finds themselves inside of your home.

For this reason, there is something in the world of home real estate called “curb appeal,” which refers to the exactly how desirable your home appears to be from the view of the street.

This is one of the most important elements to getting people in the door. It is essentially the first impression that observers have of the house, and it has a profound impact on the value of your home, and how many people will imagine themselves living and spending time there.

11 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

These exterior updates will boost curb appeal and increase your home’s value when it’s time to sell.

Sadly, however, many people make tremendous mistakes when trying to boost their curb appeal, which can lower the value of their home, inadvertently. Here are some mistakes and tips to keep in mind when trying to boost your home’s curb appeal…

Having too much on the outside of a home

One of the first mistakes that homeowners make, when it comes to boosting their curb appeal, is having too many things on the outside of the home.

Curb appealSome homeowners take it upon themselves to adorn their lawn with plenty of ornaments and decorations. Although this can be incredibly fun on holidays, such as Christmas or Halloween, it can also create a messy aesthetic that drives down the curb appeal.

Currently, one might describe this method of decorating as tacky, although that could certainly change in the future. However, you don’t necessarily need to worry about this unless you are starting to get to a point where you will try to sell your home.

If having a ton of lawn ornaments and a lot of adornment outside is making you happy while you are living there, then there is little reason to stop.

Once you are going to start selling, however, be sure to clean up that design and put these decorations away.

Letting things look too worn out

The challenging part of keeping a good curb appeal for your home is that almost everything that your curb appeal depends on is outside, where it is entirely at the mercy of the weather and the elements.

This can cause many aspects of your home’s exterior to look worn and decayed, after a period of time, such as landscaping features, outer amenities like mailboxes, and even the outer walls of your home.

Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal | Midwest Living

Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal. Spruce up the curb appeal of your home by adding touches reflecting your personality and style.

Although this is simply the way that nature takes its course, and there may not always be a way to stop this, aside from update these features every few years, there are some actions you can take to delay the inevitable.

For example, paint is something that will wear away rather quickly, and begin to crack, due to the warping and breaking of materials caused by sun rays.

However, many homeowners take advantage of modern technology and actually powder coat aspects of their homes exterior, which usually lasts much, much longer (as explained in this useful article here).

Having an ugly garage

Front yard of a houseOn many homes, the largest single surface that is visible of the street is the garage door. This makes a garage door an imperative part of generating curb appeal.

Having an ugly garage door can create a huge eyesore that is hard for prospective buyers to look past, as it will immediately draw the eyes and attention of onlookers.

For this reason, aside from landscaping, having an aesthetically pleasing garage door is one of the most major parts of generating curb appeal.

Although it might not seem like there is much you can do with your garage door, there are plenty of ways that you can generate creativity and design a lovely looking garage. For more ideas about how to do this, check out this awesome article here.


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