Mix and Match Furniture Styles Like a Professional

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Furniture StylesIf you have been living on your own for quite some time now, you have probably got used to a particular furniture styles surrounding you in your own home. It is the one that best suits you, you picked out the furniture, drapes, rugs, color of the walls and art, and it is what best describes you as a person.

But what happens when you have to move in with someone, and that harmony gets disturbed with someone else’s things? Since you care for this person and want them to feel as comfortable as you, here we have a couple of tips for you how to decorate the place together and make it a warm and welcoming home for both of you.

What draws you to the master suite?

Everyone is after the perfect combination of finishes, furniture styles, fresh color ideas, unusual patterns, innovative window treatments and wall coverings, and inspired bed linens. In bedrooms, noting should be banal or impersonal. Everything should

Boys and Girls

Most women have been in a situation when they had to move in with their boyfriends, and found the process of redecorating a real nightmare. Boys do not usually have a particular taste, all they know is that they do not want pink fluffy pillows lying around their big black leather couches, so some compromises have to be made.

They usually go for simplicity, so try to incorporate a bit more interesting details without disturbing the balance of the place too much. This can mean putting cushions on the couch, as girls are crazy for them, but in light, and more neutral tones. If you feel like you lack color in the place, choose a painting together with your roomy that can decorate the wall and brighten up the room a little bit.

Make it 80/20

image 3 (6)Even if two girls or two guys decide to live together, no matter how good they are, their tastes can be completely different, and some things just cannot mix. So if you are more of a modern type and your friend is crazy for Victorian, do not expect to put couches and closets from those two eras together and make a harmonious surroundings.

But what you can do is make one on those two prevail, set the tone, and express the other one through a few decorating items. However, as this can create an argument over which one should be the one to stand out, set a different mood for every room in the house. That way each of you will have a corner of your own.


So when mixing two styles, one of the easiest ways to make it less noticeable is to be consistent in color. Even if two pieces come from different eras, you can trick the eye by making it all in the same tone, thus creating a cohesive look. The decorating rule is that three is a company, and four is a crowd, so never under any circumstances should you have more than three different colors in one room.

The most important thing is that when you order rugs online they match the curtains you have hung on the windows. For the rest of the furniture, choose the other color, or a pattern that you will stick to, and the third one is left for the smaller decorating items you have lying around the room, like tablecloths, candles, picture frames, and other.

All About the Wood

Some people are just crazy about wooden surfaces and cannot get enough of them. But even though you are making everything of the same material, consider the types of wood you are choosing for your place, and make sure that there is not too much contrast.

Yes, you can mix light and dark wood one with each other, but there are considerable differences in the level of formality: if you want to elevate the design of the place a bit, you will go with mahogany, oak or cherry, but if you want it to be more relaxed and casual, you will make everything out of pine or maple. Recently, people have started incorporating bamboo into their homes, as it is an eco-friendly material.

Easy ways to identify furniture styles | The Chronicle Herald

Identifying furniture styles isn’t easy. I used to be very bad at it, but I’m getting better at it the more I see and the more I read. Here are a few influential furniture-making styles. Country furniture (1690-1900)

Furniture Styles

So do not get discouraged if you have someone new living with you, they will not disturb your peace and balance, and they can only enrich it. Also, if you are in a strange phase when there are more completely different styles that are pleasing to your eye, follow our advices and you will be able to put everything you like in your home and make a harmonious place.

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