How to Network While Traveling for Business

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network while travelingThere is no doubt that networking has its own place in this competitive world. Whether you are making friends to have a gala time together or you are creating business relationships, if you have a network it will surely come handy in the long run.

But what if you are in a foreign land with limited time? Is there any way to connect with the influential people and make some friends along the way?

Can you adopt any method using which can speed up your networking process in 2-3 months while you are in a new country? If you are looking to build networking while travelling, then here are some tips that may come handy.

Travel At Least For Two Months

If you are not staying in a country for at least two months, then building decent relationships will be quite an arduous task. Well, if you do then you also get to enjoy side perks as well such as meeting new people of having same ideologies.

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Well, I would say it is pretty much like the first month of your college, where it takes roughly 6 weeks to find people having the same wavelength like yours. And this only happens when you meet more and more new people.

Communicate With Your Friends First

Not many people realise the fact that people show more interest in helping and connecting you to the people in that particular city. Take some time out and ask around. I would like to share my personal experience, I went to the UK where two friends randomly reached out and connected me with their friends in London. I was so thankful.

Share Knowledge With Local Community

One of the things I often practice is having growth hacking sessions that can help the startups grow. During these sessions, I get to meet important influencers in the community. Everyone has something to contribute, you just have to ensure you can be helpful to the community in anyway possible.

Offer Something Beneficial For A Local Influencer

 Make sure you offer something to the local influencer that he/she won’t be able to refuse. It can be a revenue share on an online product, helping her connect them with other local influencers in the other communities, or it can be something that can be of help in the longer run.

Try And Say Yes A Lot

business travelIf you don’t know how to dance, but if someone asks you to join Salsa, make sure have said Yes. If someone invites you over to a dinner, but the place is far away, make sure you have said Yes and reached the venue. Remember one thing that lots of great things have come up by saying ‘Yes’.

Ask For Referrals

Meeting someone? Maybe you are attending any conference or having a conversation, in the end, while meeting different people you can ask if they can get you connected with someone. This rule is ubiquitous. Whether you are travelling or not, you have to ensure that every meeting leads to another meeting.

Try Out New Things

Make sure you remember that every place has something new to offer and when you are open to these activities, you also broaden your networking prospects. You can choose to attend book launches, festivals, visit flea markets, music events, the list goes on and on. This is also one of the effective ways of acquiring inspiration for the marketing strategies, making improvements in your product, and public relations as well.

Optimise Your Time

Choose to hire a car instead of driving on your own. Now, are you wondering how this is going to help in networking? It will allow to –

  • Avoid heavy traffic hazard and arrive on time, above all you will feel less weary. If you are feeling frazzled, it will definitely affect your networking. You are more likely to express your dissatisfaction about your negative experience, which your prospects don’t want to hear.
  • Make calls, setting up & confirming appointments, and making plans for your meeting. In addition, it will also be easier for you to spot signs for the business that could be your future clients.

Keep The Ball Rolling

When you meet new people, it is important you have carved out your next move. When you do this, it won’t come as a surprise for you when you follow up. For instance, tell them that you are really interested in giving some thought to the ideas shared. You can also ask them if you can send them an e-mail in the next few days.

Give Priority To Business

When you are on your way home, it’s the same rule of thumb as discussed above. Use the flight hours to check e-mails and finishing other business-related things. Trust me, this will surely come handy and let you unwind when you reach home and give your complete attention to your family & friends.

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