Planning a Winter Wedding? Here’s What You Should Know

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Not all of us can say we’ve always dreamed of having a winter wedding, but depending on when you become engaged and what your circumstances allow, a winter wedding might be exactly when you end up planning.

(And heck, some people do dream of having a winter wedding!) In case you happen to be at the cusp of planning a wedding that will take place during the winter season, here is a look at some planning tips and what you should know beforehand.

The Pros and Cons

First, here are the pros and cons of a winter wedding.


Save money.

Many venues and wedding vendors offer reduced prices for their off-season clients. A wedding venue, for example—even an indoor one—might be $4,000 on a Saturday in May through October and then $3,000 on a Saturday in November through April.

Ultimately, this could mean that you get more of your dream wedding than you previously thought possible when you have it in the winter.

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As this article points out, for example, a band is typically more expensive than a DJ, quite possibly putting it out of your budget; but if you’ve always dreamed of having a band at your wedding, it may very well be possible during the winter season.

Bonus tip: Some venues are decked out for the holidays, so if you are having your wedding around the holidays and are considering sticking with a holiday theme, going with a decked out venue could save you a lot of money in terms of decor.

Get the venue and vendors you want.

Because it’s off season, you’re simply more likely to get the venue and vendors that you want. In this regard, planning a winter wedding can eliminate a lot of potential stress.

Family and friends can get time off.

Especially if you are having your wedding around the holidays, your friends and family will likely be able to get time off.

(Of course, this could get a little complicated if certain friends or family members have obligations elsewhere during the holidays—making this a potential con as well.)

Employees tend to ask for time off less frequently during the winter as well, so this could be to your friends’ and family members’ advantage as they ask for time off.

Snow can make for a beautiful backdrop.

As long as it doesn’t snow too, too much, snow can make for a beautiful backdrop on your wedding day.

There are many creative options.

Winter doesn’t have to limit your wedding planning creativity by any means. You can add seasonal touches to your decor, include seasonal desserts, warm drinks for something fresh and different, etc.

Having a winter wedding can allow you to to try things that you simply couldn’t do at any other time of the year.


An outdoor reception is out.

Even if you or your parents have spent years creating the ultimate wedding space in the backyard, it’s probably time to start looking at indoor venues.

Unless you’re getting married somewhere in the Caribbean, an outdoor wedding isn’t going to be comfortable for your guests. (That said, there are likely plenty of indoor venues that will have everything you want in a venue.)

Snow can really mess things up.

The idea of some snow on the day of your wedding may sound beautiful, but anything beyond a light dusting could wreak some major havoc on your wedding day.

Roads could close, for example; your guests or vendors could get snowed in; or there could be some major delays in wedding day proceedings. Guests coming from out of town may experience a delay in their travels because of snow they are experiencing.

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Be sure to talk to the venues you are considering and to get their insights on the possibility of a snow day. And be sure to look into wedding insurance as well.

There will be less daylight.

Many couples forget this one; having a winter wedding means you’ll have less daylight to work with. This can make things a little complicated as you plan your wedding day portraits, reception exit, etc.

It could complicate your dress options.

A winter wedding can complicate your wedding dress ensemble as well, as you’ll likely want to pair your dress with something that will keep you warm while you are shooting pictures outdoors. (Don’t forget about what your bridesmaids will wear, as well.)

Must-Know Tips

Still decided on a winter wedding? Awesome. Here are some must-know tips as you start planning.

    • Send out your invitations as soon as possible—that way your guests will have your wedding in mind as they make plans around the holidays.
    • Choose a venue where you can hold both the ceremony and reception, so guests don’t have to walk outside much.
    • Make sure there is plenty of lodging near the venue, so guests don’t have to travel far once they’re in town.
  • Dress the bridal party comfortably, incorporating close-toed shoes, tights, and coats into the attire for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Wear tights under your wedding dress. They’ll help you stay warm, and if your dress is long, no one will see them anyway.
  • Provide useful amenities at the wedding for dealing with the weather—such as blankets, pashminas, hand warmers, mats for collecting snow, a place for coats, etc.




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