Tech Upgrades You Will Need for This Sailing Season

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sailing technologyForget the Starks, they are useless anyway. Summer is coming and every sailing buff should rejoice. Opportunity to once more drive your boat is priceless and can only be enhanced by some tech upgrades and new gadgets. Fortunately, we live in an age where technology made possible even the impossible at affordable price.

There are literally dozens of tech upgrades, ranging from some entirely new ideas to centuries old concepts made interesting again by tech tinkering, to choose from. Here, we will present you with the most interesting choices that caught our eye.

Octopumps Dive Hookah

Proving that every old concept can be reinvented and made interesting again, Octopumps turned very outdated idea of old Victorian breathing apparatus and turned it into something that operates on the same basic principle, pumping surface air to diver through a hose, and yet very refreshing and more convenient to use than clunky metal tank strapped to your back.

Family relies upon technology for two-year sailing trip from …

Across San Francisco Bay, from where America’s Cup yachts used space age sailing technology to reach unfathomable speeds, another sailor is counting on technology to prepare for his own epic sea voyage.


Dive Hookah consists of gasoline powered high pressure air pump that’s cradled by a very durable inflatable device and capable of providing you with hours and hours of air underwater. Ability to float on the surface means that you won’t be restricted in moving away from the boat, you are only limited by maximum rated depth of 90 feet.

Satellite/Mobile Phone Upgrades

sailing technologyIf you mean to make your move far, really far, of the shore, don’t even think starting the trip without proper satellite phone. Our recommendation would be Iridium 9555. It’s very solidly built and it’s meant to last.

You can abuse him in any way possible, sinking in the water included of course, and you will still be able to call someone from any part of the globe. Additional data kit will provide you with the novelty of being able to send emails. Prepaid minutes system will spare you the costs if you are planning the low usage.

If you are not moving too far of the shore your trusted smartphone will serve the purpose, just be sure to buy water-resistant protective casing, if your phone is not water-resistant already (I am looking at you iPhone owners). The iGills SE-35 Smart Diving system will even turn your phone into capable and data-filled dive computer.

Get a Taste of Jetsurf Action Wit the GoPro

Open sea gives you freedom to have fun and nothing can capture the action and the joy of movement from the first perspective like the GoPro Hero 3 equipped with the head strap, which enables you to record videos while dashing at speeds over 50 mph and fly over 20 feet from the ground.

This makes it ideal for recording kite boarding or even better jet surfing. Combined with Kevlar made and 35 mph capable Jetsurf Pro Race, GoPro will capture moments you will always want to revisit with your friends.

Anti-Motion Sickness Glasses

Sailing is always more fun when you have company, but not everyone shares your resistance to motion sickness. So be a good host and equip them with XPAND Anti-Motion Sickness glasses, which use shuttering lenses to reduce motion sickness to plane, car and boat passengers.

It sounds weird, but basically, when they are turned on, electro optimal system strobes the lenses creating the gap between what person that wares them is seeing and what’s happening around. This way, difference between perception and one’s sense of balance that causes motion sickness is significantly reduced, and thus you are spared of sick friends.

 Great sound system

We all love listening to music whether we are running, working or driving so it’s only natural to enjoy it while sailing. Choosing the right marine stereo largely depends of your boat, though, but the good news is that today’s offer is very diverse and majority of these stereos are easy enough to install so you can do it by yourself.

The bleeding edge of sailing technology | TechCrunch

I just sat down to peruse the Times and found this very interesting article describing some of the technologies being used in competitive sailing. To be sure,..

sailing technology


Some of them are, on the other side, very hard to install, without having to change the basic structure of your boat, but even then there are shipwrights which can help you to tackle this problem without damaging your vessel.

Now, that you equipped your boat with the latest offerings from the tech world, all you have to do is to gather up your friends, turn the stereo on and set the sails towards horizon. Whole sailing season is ahead of you and enjoyment is guaranteed.

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