Tips for a Better Move When You Have Kids

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The act of moving is always a stressful ordeal, even if it is for the best. However, when it comes to moving with kids, the stresses of moving are able to exponentially compound, both because of the added stress to the parents and the fact that moving is very stressful to a child.

After all, they are leaving behind the home that they knew (potentially the only home they can really remember), along with all of their friends, and are being transplanted into a new place full of people that they have never met. From a child’s perspective, that is a seismic, world-changing event.

However, by understanding your child’s needs and properly planning your move, you can have a far less stressful move for you and your child. Here are some tips for a better move when you have kids…

Take them to look at homes

When you go house hunting, don’t leave your kids out of the process, or else they will feel alienated from the decisions that are going to affect their entire life.

Obviously, your child probably can’t make the choices that are going to affect where your family ends up living, but all the same, take them to explore the homes you are considering, and show them where their room might be, or where they might be able to play with friends.

This builds excitement for your new home, and lets your kids know that you care about what they think about moving.

Aim for a smoother moving day

One of the most stressful parts of moving is the actual moving day. Packing up your entire life and taking it to an entirely new place is quite the ordeal, after all!

For your child, seeing the only home that they really know packed up into cardboard boxes and shoved into the back of a moving truck is a tough experience. There’s really no way entirely around these emotions.

However, for these reasons, it is definitely beneficial to not add to the stress by having a messy moving day. If you thoroughly plan out your moving day so that there are as little kinks as possible, it will be far less stressful for both you and your child.

You can find some helpful tips for a better move day in this article here, and this article here.

Help them design their new room

Moving is going to seem a lot less daunting to your child if you can get them excited about where they are going.

To help them get pumped for their new home, sit down with them and help them plan out their new room, by picking out colors and finding some fun things that they can decorate with (but only use these decorations in the new room).

This is a great bonding exercise for the both of you, and also helps them have more stock into the new place, which can help it feel a lot more like home, over time.

Get to know the new neighborhood

New places can seem scary to a child. A place where everything is different to them isn’t only a place that seems alien to them, it’s a place that makes them feel like the alien, which is far more difficult for a child to handle.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to take them to the new neighborhood long before you move there and explore it together. Find some of the fun spots to stop in town, or look for natural areas that make great play spots.

Once they see all of the benefits of this new area, they can begin to conceive what their life will look like when they move there, which helps ease the transition.

Let them miss their old home

Understand that no matter what you do, your child is going to have somewhat of a difficult time with the move. It might not phase them much, or it might phase them a lot, but it is definitely going to have an effect.

But that’s okay! Children need time to learn how to deal with change, and they need time to miss something that they once had. That is part of being human. If they are ever sad or complain about moving, be reasonable with them and let them feel those feelings.


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