Tips For Inexpensive Bathroom Renovations

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Bathroom RenovationsEvery once in a while we decide to refresh the look of our home. Bathroom renovations can be expensive, especially bathroom renovations, because the main bathroom elements do cost a lot of money. Instead of completely renewing it by replacing the toilet or the tub, you can actually perform a fine makeover with less money and much less time.

There are numerous ways to redecorate your bathroom for approximately $1000-$3000 (instead of spending up to $20.000, which is the amount of money needed for an average bathroom remodel) if you just get a bit creative.



I don’t like the style myself. I think that the tiles maybe a bit big for the space. That could be just me. The window needs some type of boarder or trim piece so its doesn’t seem so lost or unfinished. 1 Like Bookmark March 13, …


Let’s go step by step, element by element, and see what can be done.


image 3High-end flooring can be expensive, but do you really need it? Instead of expensive granite floor, you can install ceramic or, even better, vinyl tiles. Vinyl looks incredible and is affordable, while ceramic tiles are a bit more expensive, but you can find ceramic tiles on clearance ($2-$3 a square foot).

You bathroom is small by assumption, so you will not spend a great deal of cash for it and can afford a contractor to lay the flooring for you (if you don’t know how to do it yourself). But if you’ve already laid your eyes on some artistic tiles on some costly artistic tiles, try to mix and match those with cheaper tiles.


Refacing the cabinets will cost you about 50% less than buying new ones. Besides refacing them, you can also easily repaint them. However, it is essential that the cabinets are in good shape and without cracks or splits.

Even changing the cabinets’ doors can change their appeal and the entire look of the room. If you have a smaller bathroom, consider buying used cabinets and shelves for more storage. Some cleaning, some painting and voila – you have a practical and stylish new fixture.

Light fixtures

As you may know, light is an important external element that defines the look and uplift the design of a certain space. Replace the old fixture and improve lighting of your bathroom for under $50.

If you have the proper knowledge and tools this can be an interesting DIY project for you, besides saving you some money. Also, put an additional mirror to your bathroom wall, it will reflect more light in the room.

Bath fixtures

When it comes to this, bear in mind that it doesn’t matter how much something costs as much as how it fits into the concept and look you want to achieve. You can find great looking towel racks and rings, shower curtains, showerheads, sink faucets and drawer pulls for a small amount of money.

Don’t think that changing small details won’t mean much to the overall appeal, on the contrary, they create the feeling of a different space. Search through building stores with bath departments for bath fixture sets or buy and match individual pieces yourself.


image 2Replacement of your bathtub can cost you some serious money. Instead of replacing it, try to refine and refinish it, especially if you have a nice looking vintage model tub. If the problem is of merely cosmetic nature, concerning irremovable stains, than refinishing will do the trick.

You can do it yourself and save some money, but spend more time in the process, or you can hire a professional to do it, it will be done more quickly and you shouldn’t spend more than $300 for the service.

Replacing the bathtub means a lot of expenses. Yes, you can buy a nice used tub and to find an affordable plumber in Sydney would be an easy task, but you also have to pay to have the old tub and tile demolished, to have it dumped and to pay the installation of the new tub.


If don’t have enough money to place tiles on the walls, than repainting is the best and cheapest way to give your bathroom walls a fresh look. Buy yourself a high-quality paint and give it a satin finish because mold and mildew develop easily due to humidity and moisture.


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You can paint it yourself, use a lot of painter’s tape, be thorough and careful because you can easily mess up the tub, the sink, the switchplate or the toilet. White and other lighter-colors are recommended for small spaces like bathroom walls.

Bathroom Renovations

Instead of investing tens of thousands of dollars, you can give your bathroom a fresh new appeal with just a few thousand dollars. Refurnish, reface, repaint and update. Get creative and make yourself an eclectic looking bathroom with your own personal mixture of styles and elements.

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