Top 7 Camping Apps For Families

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There is no doubt that camping is a great way to have an eventful time outdoors, but smartphones can really come handy in enhancing the whole process of family learning while you are out there in the wild.

Here are some of the best camping apps for both Android and iOS you can try out next time you are out for camping with your lovely family.

Ghost Stories

Before you go ahead and download this app, make sure your kids are over 13 years of age. In reality, there is nothing much to be scared of and personally, I liked the stories and the way they have been written, as far as the sound effects are concerned they may end up scaring you just a little, but trust me not too much.

20+ Camping Apps & Outdoor Apps Ideal For The Campsite

There are many ways camping apps can entertain and assist us in our outdoor endeavours. We investigated some of the best ones available today.

But, I would like to add here that if you are out there in the wild and if you are listening to these stories during the night time, then there are chances that the females may get scared (if they are accompanying). The best thing about the app is its easy navigation, scary design, and universal app.

Available for both iOS and Android.

Audobon Mammals

With more than 2 million downloads, this app is a great and practical mobile field guide. The app comes equipped with more than 800 species, advanced gallery helping you to make easy comparisons and search, a social community of the birders, and field marks call outs, etc.

If you have this app on your smartphone, it will take your family from the conventional city folk to a more adventurous animal expedition instantly.

The app comes loaded with maps, information, photos, helping you to identify the animals and their tracks. I really liked the app as it really helps us to find the answers instead of just making up on our own.

You can keep adding animals as and when you find them in the journal section. When you are done, it can be shared on Facebook as well.

If you have this app on your smartphone, you can –

  • Listen to the beautiful and melodious sounds of some of your favourite and rare birds.
  • Post, keep lists, and also share the sightings with your friends and also the followers with the easy interface of Audobon NatureShare.
  • Find out more than 800 species along with detailed information such as – habitat, behaviour, appearance, etc.
  • Access both seasonal and migratory range maps.

Available for both iOS and Android.

KOA Camping App

If you are a parent and you are planning a family camping trip, then this app will surely be of great help. If you have downloaded this app on your smartphone, it really comes handy in looking for the campgrounds by province/state, city, current location, and attractions.

If you are looking to book while you are on the go, then also this app really helps you do that.

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Making reservation for a cabin or campground can be easily done within the app. Moreover, you can also find deals, search for camp activities for kids, and find lucrative deals as well.

There is an emergency notification feature that sends out alerts if there is a road closure, weather conditions (such as storm), and various other emergencies from the campground where you have made a reservation. If you have plans for a camping adventure, then you need to download this app today.

Available for both iOS and Android.

Starwalk 2

If you are one of those families who are interested in stars and planets, Starwalk is a great app. With the app on your smartphone; all you need is to hold your phone high and point it towards the sky, the app will show you the stars that can be seen from where you are.

With the GPS feature on your smartphone, you can use the option of search and the app will assist you in finding stars, satellites, and constellations in the sky.

What’s interesting is that the app also points you where you need to look at. The kids will surely cherish the 3D cartoon images of the constellations that show up.

Available for both iOS and Android.

Camp Recipes

If you are looking for the best meal planning app then you can download this app. The app has more than 500 recipes and assorted by cook time, emergency survival foods, category, ingredients, and cook timings.

Along with BBQ and meat recipes, there is something for the vegetarians as well and not forgetting the desserts.

The database of the app gets stored within the app on your phone, this means you don’t even need a signal to use it. There is no doubt that you have other alternatives as well, but when it comes to dinners round the campground, this camping app is a must have.

Available for only iOS.

SAS Survival App

SAS stands for Special Air Services arm of the British Army and it is a survival guide written more than 20 years ago by an ex-SAS soldier and instructor. The book has been transformed into an app offering you survival skills while you are on the go.

7 Apps to Improve Your Camping Experience

Seven apps for smartphones that will help you get the most out of your primitive camping trip, if you’re new to it or if you’re an experienced camper.

The app comprises of the complete text of the bestselling book having survival tips, survival checklists, a morse code signalling device, and 16 videos having survival tips.

Most important section of the book is the detailed First Aid section that covers anything from the poisonous plants & burns and venomous bites.

Available for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.


Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt and it is played with the help of GPS on your smartphone or any other navigational techniques. With the help of a geocache, the families will make their best efforts to locate a geocache (typically a bag or a box) hidden at coordinates.

The geocache can be hidden under a rock, hidden in the trees, in the dirt, or even in the water.

I am playing geocaching with my kids for many years now and kids really enjoy it. Following are the tips, instructions, and hints for geocaching as well as using the app –

  • Get to know more about the world of trackables, geocaching game pieces that travel from geocache to geocache.
  • Live Search will constantly update immediate geocaches as you move.
  • Message other players for the hints, tips and more.
  • Look for the log trackables you will find in the wild.
  • Discover all the easy conventional geocaches and geocaching events.

Available for Android, iOS including Apple Watch.

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