Travel to the Island of Norderney on Germanys North Coast

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Fourteen kilometres of sandy beaches, and a World Heritage-listed wilderness criss-crossed with treking and cycling courses. Germany’s secret destination of Norderney has all of it: okay for an island just 14 kilometres long.

Germany’s north coast is sprayed with little islands one of them is Norderney. The island, simply an hour’s ferryboat flight from the coast, draws a varied variety of visitors. Lots of are nature fans, who check out the tidal flats and wetlands called the Wadden Sea.

The location’s impressive biodiversity makes it the home of 2300 various types of creatures, consisting of 400 types of bugs, along with shellfish, birds and other land animals. Norderney has actually scored a World Natural Heritage designation from UNESCO.

Beautiful Sea Life

At high tide, you can find grey seals and harbour cetaceans romping in the shallows. When the tide drops, the wading birds take control. Spoonbills, terns, geese and ducks all come here in big numbers: actually numerous countless birds check out the island throughout the year.

The plant life of the tidal flats is just as interesting, with lots of diferent creatures creating a diversity that many visitors wait to see when the tide goes out.. Some plants have actually established unique glands to filter out the saltwater; other plants keep the salt in their lower leaves, which then fall off.



Not everybody who comes here is a nature enthusiast, nevertheless. Norderney likewise attracts those searching for wellness. The advantages of the island’s iodine-scented air and moderate environment are much discussed in Germany.

Speak to the residents and you will discover a lot of them initially moved here to relieve persistent conditions such as asthma and eczema. All them state they have actually never ever felt so good in their lives.


The island of Norderney is the second largest of the East Frisian Islands. A number of areas at the centre of the island and the entire eastern part of Norderney …

Obviously, it does not hurt when you have a health club centre as excellent as Norderney’s. Europeans are adept at utilizing the healing affects of seawater, called thalassotherapy; only a couple of locations tackle it as seriously as the Badehaus Norderney.

In addition to using different locations for households and grownups, this stretching 8000-square-metre health complex has 2 unique levels: fire and water.



Warm up on the fire level with steam bath, saunas, or a long liedown on the hot stone balcony, prior to cooling down on the water level, where you can select from restoring waterfalls, a saline bath that is as salty as the Dead Sea, and indoor and outside swimming pools at numerous temperature levels, the most reasonable, a cold 14 degrees.

When you are done, it is time for a walk. Norderney affords you mnat opportunities to get in some walking to see some of the great local fauna– 85 percent of the island is a national forest. You can follow a network of walking trails through salt marshes and windswept dunes.



If you choose paved roadways, the beautiful town of Norderney has actually cobblestone streets lined with stores, in addition to a variety of cultural locations.

During the 19th century, when Norderney was the favoured summer season retreat of Hanover’s royal household, the island has actually had a flourishing arts scene. Throughout the summertime season, there are day-to-day performances from a few of Europe’s finest musical ensembles.

Additionally, you might moving towards the beach. The beaches on the island’s northern coast are wild and untamed, the ideal location to savour some privacy or a lovely sunset.

By contrast, the boardwalks along the western beaches are lined with dining establishments. The cool Milchbar is the favoured location for sundown beverages.

Travel to Norderney – a nature lovers paradise Discover Germany …

This family-run hotel is located on the North Sea island of Norderney, a 2-minute walk from the beach. Hotel Restaurant Ennen offers free use of the spa area …

This is likewise where you will discover the island’s finest hotel. A place that was initially utilized to save the wood boards of the pier throughout the rainy winter season has actually now been transformed into a stylish boutique hotel, “The Seesteg”.

Each of the 16 rooms has a sea view and the hotel dining establishment has actually been granted a Michelin star for its seasonal food. Everything, from the bread onwards, is homemade, and the meals display regional fruit and vegetables, consisting of ham and cheeses.

One word of caution: if you wish to check out Norderney, you may wish to do it now instead of later on. The storms that regularly damage this place are continuously changing the landscape.

Norderney, like a lot of the other islands in the location, used to be  part of the mainland, till a series of relentless storm tides actually swept away the stepping in land. Even today, every high tide nibbles away a bit more of the island.

Residents are the very first to confess the island’s days are numbered: however, while it lasts, they state, there is no better place to be.


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