Turn Your Backyard into a Designer Outdoor Living Space

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Summer is right around the corner. It’s time for those dream backyard resolutions to come to fruition. Are you planning to remodel your backyard this year? Why not make like a pro and implement high design features?

Landscaping today is all about making the yard livable. What room is your home begging for? Let’s convert it to be outdoor-friendly. We all need to spend more time amidst the flora and fauna, and you’ll find excuses to go out when your backyard becomes your own haven.

Define Your Space

Give your backyard structure, purpose, and flow by defining areas of living. Are you going to throw summer dinner parties with friends? Do you love to host barbeque cookouts, or game-watching shindigs? Or maybe you need a dedicated reading or relaxing alcove?

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Let your backyard reflect your personality. It can become a functional extension of your dream home. You can start by working with what you have. Sometimes all that your backyard needs is a little reorientation of furniture to highlight the designated living areas.

Work Together with Nature

It is best to integrate local plants, stone, and wood to give your backyard an organic finish. A plain backyard of only grass is just too blasé. It is very stylish nowadays to grade the yard and extend decks, install patios, create paved pathways, extend garden areas, or install stone or wood structures. This benefits not only the dynamics of your backyard but also benefits the environment.

Reducing the amount of grass in your yard means less precious water resource is being sucked into keeping it green. Work together with your climate and the kind of plants that thrive naturally. Opt for the plants that take less maintenance and deliver aesthetic appeal. Your backyard can be beautiful and sustainable.

Dine Out, Darling

If you choose to dedicate an area to dining or cooking in your backyard, it will be well-loved and well-used. You can extend your deck and craft built-in benches.

Use the same material for a table and chairs, throw in some colorful throw pillows, and you’ve got a designer outdoor dining room. You can furnish your patio with couches, lounge chairs, and build an outdoor fireplace as the focal point.

Lounge in the Shade

Are you dying for a place to relax and get out of the sun? Add a pergola to cover your living space. It’s a beautiful piece that can provide a bit of shade and privacy. Plant vine-growing flowers to let the foliage cover you in shade, or use sailcloth to cover the overhead beams.

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Another structure to provide character and dimension to your outdoor garden is a trellis. It makes a quaint entrance to a secret garden, especially with an overgrown bower.

Tend Your Greenery

Put your green thumb to good use and add more garden space. When that mulchy, verdant area caresses the breadth of your yard, you can just breathe deeper (literally, because of the oxygen emissions).

Landscaping experts recommend filling the background with perennials and the foreground with strokes of blooming, bright-colored annuals. If you have more patio space than planting grounds, fix planter boxes in the living area to grow herbs and vegetables. If you have an abundance of growth, design a walkway of slate pavers to highlight the path through the foliage.

Meditate and Gravitate

Foster a little zen in your backyard by setting a space for meditation. You can have a wooden meditation room built out back to clear your mind in. Add a water feature, like a fountain or small pond, to score the experience with the sound of rain.

You could also hang a hammock with a slate path leading up so you have your own private relaxation niche. These spaces add beauty to the eye and to the mind.

Entertain Us

Maybe it’s necessary for your backyard to have entertaining purposes. Do you have kids that need a play space? Along with your deck and dining area for adults, add a little house or play structure made just for them.

Or maybe you want to design an outdoor movie theatre to entertain. Let the cinema be the theme for all your outdoor furniture and use a wall to project films onto.

Expand Your Outside Life

What are you waiting for? The impact your newly designed backyard will have on the quality of your life is invaluable. Make your backyard livable, beautiful, and fun this summer.

Keep in mind that these defined spaces are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they integrate best when pushed all together to become your outdoor mansion. Design as much as you have the creativity to dream up. The sky is the limit (pun intended).

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