Ways to Relax This Summer

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relax this summerWork and family life can be quite stressful, especially when you feel like you have to juggle it all.  You deserve to take a few moments to relax in the glory of summer. Below are a few ways to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and help you truly relax.

Play With Your Pet

Spending time with your adorable little fluff ball can help you feel more relaxed, reduce blood pressure, and improve your relationships.  Take your dog on a walk, or spend some quality time with your kitty.

If you don’t have a little friend of your own, you can always use a local rent a pet service to rent a puppy or watch someone’s animal for them for a few days.

Relax by a Fire

We as humans have been drawn to a fire’s flickering glow since the dawn of time.  Apparently, it is an evolutionary adaptation to have a reduction in blood pressure when you sit by a fire, as early humans were more likely to make social connections by the fireside.

Light a fire in your backyard fire pit or in your fireplace and sit with friends and relax. You can roast s’mores, have a little cookout, or just watch the embers flicker the night away.   If you don’t have a fire pit yet, you can always snag a DIY kit, like this blog suggests.

Go Hot Tubbing

If you haven’t participated in the therapeutic bliss of relaxing in  a hot tub yet this summer, you need to find a way to go for a soak!  Taking a dip in a hot tub has many health benefits including: relieving aches and pains, hydrotherapy, and helping you sleep better.

relax this summerIf you don’t have a hot tub, make friends with someone who does, take a mini vacation to a hotel with one, or in a pinch you can fill up your bathtub with toasty water and take a nice, long, deserved bath.

Go Fishing

There is something about sitting by the side of a body of water waiting for the fish to bite that is uniquely enchanting.  A bad day of fishing will always beat a normal day in the office.  If you don’t yet have your fishing license, go buy one, and then take a glorious day on the lake.  You won’t regret it.

Go to the Beach

A fun day at the beach might be exactly what the doctor ordered!  In fact, doctors used to prescribe visits to the beach quite often (as an escape from urban life).  So whether you live near the beach, or you’ll have to make a special trip, get out there and take a summer beach vacation!

Have a Staycation

Instead of going somewhere elaborate and expensive this summer (and coming home needing a vacation from your vacation), have a relaxing staycation.   Take a few days off of work and relax at home.  Watch your favorite movies, spend time in your backyard, read a good book, or see local sights around your town.

Go Camping

While it may be a little stressful to get ready to go camping (especially if you have a large family), once you are out in the wilderness it will be worth it.  In the mountains, you won’t have cell service, electronics chargers, or the hustle and bustle of the city.

10 Ways to Relax This Summer

10 Ways to Relax This Summer. Author and psychotherapist Diane Lang offers these tips to truly unwind and unplug. Jun 11, 2013 Sandy Smith · EMAIL.

You can go on relaxing hikes, embrace the outdoor splendor, and spend quality time with family.  According to this blog, going outside can also help you and your children have better eyesight, improve your memory, and reduce depressed thoughts.

Go For a Walk

Summer sun does a body good — so go bask in it!  Go outside and take a walk every day to breathe in the beautiful summer weather.  Take a stroll in the morning to wake you up, or take a long walk after work to help you wind down.

Bring a friend along if you’d like to enjoy a nice chat, or go solo if you like quiet solitude.


During the summer, the weather is warm enough to lie out under the stars and marvel at their glory.  If you can, take a drive up into the mountains or into the country, far away from civilization so that you can truly see the brilliance of the stars.  Lay out a blanket on the ground and ponder the glorious sky.

Treat Yourself

Summer is a great time for a little treat of frozen yogurt, caramel apples, or another beloved treat.  Take yourself somewhere that you wouldn’t normally go, and try it out.  Or, you can pretend that you are a kid again, and try to find the popsicles of your childhood.  You could make a fun summer tradition out of it!


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