Ways to Train and Prepare Your Business Team Members for Difficult Office Challenges

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business teamWe need to have personal balance and well being to optimize out business performance. Everybody accomplishes this in different ways. I begin every day by taking a walk near the park with my dog “Gene” and experiencing the wildlife with him.

Whether or not it’s family time, physical activity or your own unique pastime, all of us have to discover our own path to keep our energy level up and remain positive. Train and prepare your business team.

I usually begin each day by looking at what I am aiming to get out of the working day. I try not to get overloaded in unplanned meetings, e-mail and the elements that turn up throughout the day. It’s the “pop ups” that are diverting and can stop me from devoting the bulk of time on the essential and key issues.


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How do you ready your organization for day-to-day changes or urgent situations?

Naturally it is unique for every culture. Creating balance in the organization has been critical. Shifting the conversation to balance has been a transforming factor for us, and the plan for that was developed was from the bottom up.

Our team had a set of 5 key values– quality, integrity, respect, accountability and openness– for a number of decades. After the 2008 market crash and the disclosure that a few officials had participated in shady practices, I felt it was essential for our team members to review our key values.

After a number of focus groups and studies, the final opinion was to preserve the existing values and add a new one: balance. This involves not only an individual work-life harmony, but also the potential to concentrate on long-term objectives while meeting temporary needs. Balance also means sustaining a confident and upbeat environment.

No matter if you are managing change management, a crisis or a long-term problem, it is a big advantage to begin with a well balanced stance.

How do you organize your management group to deal with difficulties?

The management team needs to act together, keep positive and talk with one voice once a resolution is made. Anytime the staff is functioning well with each other, it is invigorating to focus on challenges. Solving a tough issue brings people together and helps remind all of us of why we are here. But this can only happen when the team has been trained and prepped for whatever may come along. Only by maintaining excellence can you be successful.

How do you establish a culture of excellence?

Openness has been crucial to our culture. I place a very high priority on openness, which is extremely important to our team members along with our board and external stakeholders. Once I started, our staff was requesting more information and increased communication, and I have striven to attend to that. Once we began to shift to an active culture of excellence, the team couldn’t get enough of it. It was missing in our organization for a long time.

Each spring, I do a series of meetings with our staff; it is an opportunity to meet informally with our staff in smaller groups, answer their questions and hear their concerns and ideas. This not only informs and updates team members on the state of the company but allows the team to feel they are a big part of it. Not just observers.

Our team not long ago launched an internal social media platform  which has been very well-liked. Among the things we are using it for is as an online town hall venue, which we are planning to use for various purposes, including stimulating innovation. With the current trend of social media the team members are enjoying and participating in our own company wide proprietary platform. This not only encourages an exchange of ideas but comradely.


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The open culture functions extremely well with the millennial associate because they really like to exchange ideas and information in a non-hierarchical way.

Train and Prepare Your Business Team

Endeavor to make a positive difference everyday. If you can find out ways to keep your work environment, conferences and culture positive, you are on your way. If you can share one thing that small-business entrepreneurs should do to take their companies to the next level, precisely what would it be?

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