What Are Some Natural Cleaning Products?

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  • Baking Soda:    Use this terrific all purpose, non-toxic cleaner to scour, deodorize, polish and remove stains!
  • Borax:  This timeless laundry soap booster has many great applications including a non-toxic pest control, preventative for mold and odors and a brighter, whiter laundry.
  • Cornstarch:   Cleans and deodorizes carpets and rugs, and is an inexpensive alternative to baby powder.   
  • Lemon juice:  The citric acid in this pantry staple is perfect for whitening items and removing grease and stains!  Mix with salt for extra punch!   
  • Washing Soda:  Great for cutting grease, deodorizing and even washing silver and gold items.  This handy cleaner also boosts your laundry soap cleaning power and can be used to help keep your drains running freely!
  • White Vinegar:  Use for whitening, cleaning hard surfaces and windows, and shining metal surfaces. Also removes mildew, stains, grease and wax build-up.

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