What to Do After You Get in a Car Accident

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Car AccidentNobody ever starts their day thinking that they’re going to get into a car accident (at least I hope not). However, it is a risk that we all take every time we get onto the road.

The truth is that we share the road with millions of other drivers, and there is always a chance an accident can occur, whether it is just bad luck or is caused by incompetence. Either way, a car accident can make you feel panicky, if you aren’t already horribly injured.

However, it is important to remain calm and follow some important steps. Here are the things you want to make sure you do after you get in a car accident…

Get out of traffic

First of all, if you’ve just had a collision on the road, the most imperative thing to do is make sure that other vehicles aren’t going to hit you. You need to get your vehicle out of the road and to a safe spot where you can assess damage and wait for law enforcement to arrive.

If your vehicle can’t move from where it is, due to the damage that was caused in the accident, then put your hazards on and get out of your vehicle if there is a chance that an unsuspecting vehicle could hit yours.

Check with the other person

Car AccidentOnce you make sure that your vehicle isn’t a hazard to other vehicles on the road, check yourself for injuries and then go check with the other person. If they have incurred any serious looking injuries, make try to cover up any wounds where bleeding is occurring, and don’t try to pull them up if they are having trouble getting up on their own, as doing so could do further damage to them.

If you are both injury free, make sure that you are civil and polite, and then proceed to swap contact information, for insurance purposes. This means getting a phone number, but also writing down their license plate and driver’s licence number, and also getting insurance information.

Call law enforcement and take pictures

Right after you have made sure that there is no immediate injury to you, the other driver, and any passengers, then you need to call law enforcement, immediately, so that officers can be dispatched to the location of the accident.

Do this before you swap contact information with the other driver. Once you have called law enforcement, take pictures of the damage and run through in your head what exactly happened.

Remember to be honest and open about everything. If you happen to get sued, then it is much more beneficial to simply be open than try to hide something you feel may have been your fault.

File an insurance claim

Car AccidentOnce an officer is being dispatched to the accident to get statements and assess the damage, then you want to call your insurance company to file a claim.

Ideally, once you and the other driver give your statements and send in pictures, then both of your insurance companies will work with each other to come up with an appropriate payout. Be sure to start this claim as soon as possible, and don’t wait until a notable amount of time has passed.

Get a medical checkup

While you might not have noticed any immediate signs of injury right after the accident, it doesn’t mean that there weren’t any ways in which your health was impacted. Even a small fender bender can have a tremendous impact on the body.

For this reason, shortly after the accident, you want to to head in for a medical checkup as soon as you can. If you are suffering from any sort of sprains or whiplash, you want to make sure that your insurance company is aware of this fact so that it can be considered in your accident claim. Remember, waiting to do these things means there is less of a chance that you will get the payout that you deserve.

Wait for car repairs, if you can

If your vehicle has damage that affects whether or not it is operational, then you need to get that repaired as soon as you can. However, it might be worth it to wait for more cosmetic repairs until after your insurance company does an assessment and lets you know what it will cover.

That way, you don’t have to needlessly spend money on your vehicle that you won’t be getting reimbursed for, such as a new paintjob or redoing the powder coating job on your vehicle’s frame.


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  1. Lucy Gibson says:

    You make a great point about calling law enforcement before you exchange contact information after an accident. Having a police officer on hand might allow you to have a thorough report which could come in handy down the road. I also agree that taking lots of pictures would be a huge help. Finding a personal injury attorney who specializes in this kind of thing might also be a big help. My older brother was hit by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol a few weeks ago. He’s mentioned that his right arm is starting to hurt. I’ll have to recommend that he speak with a professional.

    • David says:

      Calling the police after an accident is the right thing to do. Then call a lawyer because you will need proper legal representation. A lawyer will advise you of your rights while everyone else, like the insurance companies, already have lawyers and are not going to do right by you.

  2. B Whitfield says:

    I personally haven’t been in a car accident but I have seen the lingering effects that last months and sometimes years. I have sister who has been in 3 over the last 10years, and she has some permanent damage, unfortunately, it took years for her to get a settlement from one of the accidents, however, her personal injury attorney was very communicative and that was a huge relief when doctor appointments got tough or when the bills started to add up.

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