What to Wear to a Formal Masquerade Ball?

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masquerade ballOne of the most common social anxieties for women is showing up to a masquerade ball wearing the wrong kind of outfit. And while picking up an outfit for a certain occasion may seem like a really huge job, it in fact isn’t. Well, at least not when you’ve got someone to help you out.

We are giving you a few essential style tips to help you look your very best.

  1. You will be given a dress code on the invite

Following this code is usually the best way to know what to wear. If the invite says “all black”, wear all black. However, if the invite doesn’t state the code or you are unsure about it, don’t be afraid to call the host(ess) and ask.

  1. Choose what you look good in

Trends come and go while your body shape stays the same. You are not to blame, though. Every one of us wants to look their best wearing what celebrities are wearing, what’s on the runways in fashion capitals and what the fashionistas are suggesting is the trend this season.

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But, forcing something onto your body shape that simply doesn’t fit is just wrong. Instead, for an occasion like this go for classic cuts (and colors) that never go out of style.

  1. Pick a proper mask

image 6 (1)You want to wear a mask that’s easy to put on and take off. Comfort is a must and as you already know, not all masks are created equal. Pick a well-made, authentic Venetian mask. These are handmade and with them on you’ll be able to breathe.

  1. Shoes matter, too

And while most women would do anything for beauty, and when I say everything I mean even go through footwear that hurts their feet until they bleed, we recommend you don’t be one of them. Chose comfortable shoes! Sure, we’re not suggesting you sacrifice style, but pick a shoe that allows you to walk (and stand) comfortably. If you are not a heel person and you know being in heels for the entire evening is basically impossible then opt for an elegant low wedge or a sparkly flat sandal straight away.

  1. Accessorize at the very end

The great thing about masquerade balls is that the mask often makes for the best accessory. You will probably need very little additional accessorizing in a form of elegant earrings and bracelets (or a cuff). If you feel a necklace wouldn’t be a distraction from your mask, then wear one. Simplicity is best.

  1. Mind your hair and makeup

Hair and makeup are important aspects of any outfit, especially the one that should carry out a certain theme.

You want to carefully plan your hair and makeup around the masquerade mask you are wearing since it will alter the perception of some of your facial features.

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If you are not sure which type of mask you’ve got, check it with costumes online to see the best ways to keep it on and the best way to wear it.

Here are some tips to follow:

Make up

Yimage 2 (1)our blush color should be neutral: there your cheeks will likely be hidden anyway and there will already be a lot going on with your mask, so you want something complimentary.

Match your eyes to your mask: You want everything to be toned, so, if you’ve chosen a silver mask, opt for a silver, shimmery eye shadow.

If your mask is a neutral color, pick a bold lipstick color and vice versa. If your mask is black, you can go either way.


Hairstyle is one important aspect of your outfit, especially if you are going to a masquerade ball.

To ensure your hairstyle allows the ties to sit comfortably at the back of your head you need to think about where the mask ties so it doesn’t slip off in the middle of the party. Be particularly carefully if your mask has silk ties.

Also, make sure your hair is away from your face. This serves two purposes; the first is that your hair doesn’t get in your face (you’ll have a mask on so it will already be a bit difficult to see and observe everything) and the second one is to better showcase the mask.

Looking stunning for a masquerade ball isn’t that hard. Follow our tips and you’ll steal the party for sure! Have fun at the party!

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